Business strategy and objectives

Sainsburys store in Dawlish, Devon

Business strategy and objectives

Our vision and values remain unchanged, and we have refined our goal to reflect our commitment to meeting customers’ needs; however they want to shop for food, clothing, general merchandise and services. We have also updated our strategy, and this is discussed in more detail in this section.

Our vision: To be the most trusted retailer where people love to work and shop.

Our goal: We will make customers’ lives easier, offering great quality and service at fair prices, serving our customers whenever and wherever they want.

Our strategy: We know our customers better than anyone else. We will be there whenever and wherever they need us, offering great products and services at fair prices. Our colleagues make the difference, our values make us different.

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Our values

Our values guide us in everything we do - from key decisions to day-today activities.

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Our Sustainability plan

Our Sustainability Plan shows our journey addressing the challenges and opportunities not only relevant to our business but also to the world.

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