Compelling general merchandise & clothing

Gok for TU

Compelling general merchandise & clothing

Our strategy of offering customers high street quality and style at supermarket prices is proving to be highly successful, with sales of general merchandise and clothing growing at more than twice the rate of food.

Recent achievements

  • In February, our general merchandise sales (excluding fashion) topped £1bn for the first time 
  • Our TU brand is now the seventh largest in the UK market by volume and has risen to twelfth place by value
  • Our childrenswear is now sixth in the market by volume, with sales having grown by over 20 per cent year-on-year
  • Our biggest ever schoolwear event last summer delivered a sales increase of 25 per cent. We sold over one million polo shirts, 630,000 pairs of boys’ trousers and 272,000 girls’ skirts, consolidating our position of number four in the schoolwear market by volume
  • We sell more bakeware than our major competitors and are the UK’s seventh largest retailer for homeware by value
  • Our general merchandise ranges are enjoying growth rates of over 20 per cent in many areas, including books and home textiles.

20x20 Sustainability plan

Guided by our values, we've set ourselves 20 challenging sustainability targets to reach by 2020.

20x20 2013 update