Local benefits

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Local benefits

Each new store typically employs 20-25 people in full and part-time jobs.

The scale of our convenience business means we can make a massive difference by ensuring respect for our environment is embedded in our decision making.

We aim to be the UK’s greenest grocer and look to act in a sustainable way, address climate change and conserve resources.

Our focus is not simply on reducing our impact on the environment but in having a net positive effect including using our leadership position to engage our suppliers and others to do the same.

The following initiatives are used in our new convenience stores:

Building Management System

We ensure all non essential equipment including lighting, heating and small domestic circuits are automatically turned off when the store has closed, using a mini building management system that is triggered when the stores security alarm is set each evening.

Night Lighting Levels

Where stores have a night stocking team, the lighting levels are reduced to a stocking level of 30% to allow colleagues enough light to replenish whilst reducing energy.

Night Blinds

We install refrigeration night blinds on our cabinets to ensure that when the store is closed the cold refrigerated air remains in the cabinet and does not escape onto the sales floor. This helps reduce energy as the refrigeration system does not have to work as hard. We anticipate that if the blinds are closed for 5 hours per day we will save 5% of the energy used for refrigeration.

Weir Screens

We use weir risers, 100mm in height, on the front of each chiller cabinet to help reduce the amount of cold air that is spilled from the open sales floor fridges into the aisle. The additional benefit of the screens is that we use less heat to keep the aisles warm.

Use of Natural Daylight

Where possible we like to make use of natural daylight – because unlike artificial lights, it's free! We do this by installing photocells on our external lighting and car park lighting. This ensures the lights only come on when there is insufficient natural day light.

Movement Sensors

Our warehouse area is often unoccupied when the store is busy. We install motion detector sensors to ensure that lights turn off automatically if no one is in the room.

Cold Room L.E.D’s

Where as L.E.D’s burn brighter in the cold and dimmer in the warm they are better suited to freezers and cold stores. L.E.D’s use less energy and last about 10 years, which is far longer than standard fluorescent tubes which last about 18 months. This means less waste.

Energy Profiles

In order to manage energy on a day to day basis, all store managers have access to an online portal that displays daily energy use profiles. This allows the store to see how much energy they are using at each half hourly interval and identify times when more energy than required is being used. Stores are also given hints and tips on how to save energy within their roles.

Our values

Our five values provide the framework for how we do business at Sainsbury's. They guide us in everything we do - from key business decisions to day-to-day activities.

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