Happy Cows

Animal welfare is an issue we take very seriously. It matters to our customers as well as our colleagues and, because healthy cows produce more milk, directly impacts the livelihoods of dairy farmers. That’s why it’s an area we continue to invest in.

on 31 March 2017

Sainsbury’s Master Butcher Julien Pursglove: National Butchers Week

As Sainsbury’s Master Butcher, I’m always keen to share my passion and experience in the meat industry and highlight the expert craft of butchery. National Butchers’ Week is the ideal opportunity to do just that. This year I celebrate 40 years in the meat industry - it’s been an eclectic career to date!

on 13 March 2017

Peter Griffiths: Happy International Women’s Day

Being an inclusive employer is part of our heritage and as a business, Sainsbury’s has always supported gender equality. Joint founder Mary Ann Sainsbury took a very active role in the business from its beginnings in 1869 and singlehandedly ran the first store in London’s Drury Lane for its first few months. Today, over half of Sainsbury’s colleagues are female and hold positions at all different levels, in various parts of the business.

on 08 March 2017

Sainsbury’s response to inaccurate Guardian story regarding Waste less, Save more

Sainsbury’s fully committed to programme roll-out

on 08 March 2017

Luke Edwards: Closing the literacy gap through our Make Believe campaign

Once upon a time, in Sainsbury’s stores up and down the country, we hosted a series of ‘Make Believe’ reading corners to mark the 20th anniversary of World Book Day.

on 01 March 2017

Free range eggs and poultry

In 2009 we became the first of the big supermarkets to sell only cage-free fresh eggs, which meant that all our eggs were either free range or barn eggs, and since 2012, we have also only used cage-free eggs as an ingredient in our own brand foods.

on 15 February 2017

Louise Crowe: Our Southend store takes the stage in Channel 4’s Friday Night Feast with Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty

Excitement is building at our Southend store as it plays a starring role in tonight’s Friday Night Feast, aired at 8pm on 3 February.

on 03 February 2017

Natalie Dunn: Improving the shopping experience one trolley at a time

We want all the customers who shop at Sainsbury’s to have a great shopping experience, so things like the design of our stores, improving customer facilities and regular colleague training are really important. There’s always room for improvement and we learn things every day through customers telling us how their shopping experience could be improved. At the moment, we’re particularly proud of the work we’ve been doing to make it easier for customers with health conditions or disabilities – whether temporary or permanent – to shop with us through designing shopping trolleys with them in mind.

on 03 February 2017

Cerys Jenkins: Where Our Pork Comes From

As a graduate trainee in the Agriculture team at Sainsbury's, my role is hugely varied and I am out and about doing something different most weeks. I've spent much of my time out and about with different suppliers who are based all over the country. I’ve experienced everything from free range egg production in Cumbria to hill sheep farming in Wales, as well as learning about ground-breaking agricultural research that is taking place all over the country. I'm currently spending time in our pork supply chain, learning about the farming system and the research Sainsbury's is doing in this area.

on 26 January 2017

Luke Edwards: An ‘egg-cellent’ way of making a difference to our local community

Our colleagues in Penrith are really passionate about their local community, so recently went ‘back to school’ with one of our suppliers – to help demonstrate the principles of reusing and recycling.

on 26 January 2017

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