Judging panel gets set for the Sainsbury's Beauty Awards

The sixth Sainsbury’s Beauty Awards is just around the corner, a time celebrate your favourite lotions and potions, and products you just can’t live without.

on 25 August 2015

James Bailey: Supporting our dairy farmers

At the beginning of the year we posted about difficulties being faced by parts of the British dairy industry. Media coverage of milk pricing this month has highlighted that these challenges remain an important topic.

on 12 August 2015

How many women does it take to make a beehive?

Apparently nine. Last week I embarked on a challenge in Tanzania with eight other business women to do just that, and built 90 beehives within a remote area in Nou Forest. In support of Farm Africa, the charity that works to end hunger in eastern Africa, we hope the hives will be used to kick-start profitable and sustainable honey farming businesses for the area.

By Judith Batchelar on 15 June 2015

Alec Kyriakides: The Sainsbury’s approach to developing a Safe Chicken Strategy to tackle Campylobacter

As Head of Food Safety at Sainsbury's, the most important part of my job is to ensure that our food meets the highest standards of safety. It goes without saying that as one of Britain’s leading retailers, our customers' health and safety is of paramount importance to us.

on 27 May 2015

Sarah Warby: Proud to be at Pride 2015

At Sainsbury’s our diversity and equality vision is to be the most inclusive retailer where people love to work and shop. As Operating Board Sponsor for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT), I work with our LGBT Network to create an environment of equal opportunities in which we can all be the best we can be, confident that diverse views are listened to.

By Our management team on 08 May 2015

Sarah Ellis: Bringing you the best of British

As part of Sainsbury's 20x20 commitments, we’re proud to support British growers and producers. From having 1,900 different British products in our own-brand range to being the first major supermarket to cultivate and sell British grown fresh figs, we’re committed to offering high quality, home grown products and supporting our farmers through development groups and training.

By CR & Society team on 07 May 2015

Robin Dean: Top tips for a bee-friendly garden

The sun is out, wildlife is waking up and to celebrate National Gardening Week we've pulled together some top bee tips to get your garden in shape for bee-autiful visitors.  

on 13 April 2015

Judith Batchelar: Innovation In Agriculture

When the Chancellor released the budget most eyes were probably drawn to the duty freeze on fuel, or even the newly shaped £1 coin. However, my attention turned to the news that £12 million is being put into a Centre for Agricultural Informatics and Sustainability Metrics. What a fantastic result for driving innovation and enabling the use of data science to build a more productive and sustainable food industry.

By Judith Batchelar on 20 March 2015

Alice Swift: The Perfect Steak

At Sainsbury's we work hard to build close relationships with the farmers and growers in our supply chain.Through our Farmer Development Groups we work with over 2,200 farmers and growers across the UK to supply our milk through to pork. Charlie Hart who’s one of our beef farmers is a great example of this, and he’s dedicated to working with us to produce some of the best tasting products.

on 24 February 2015

Paul Mills-Hicks: A fair price for our dairy farmers

The difficulties faced by parts of the British dairy industry is of course an important topic, but coverage has tarred all retailers with the same brush. The heartening fact is that customers have a positive choice – they can choose to buy 100% British milk from a retailer that guarantees a fair price for British producers, or they can shop elsewhere.

By Our management team on 21 January 2015

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