Roger Burnley: we’re proud of being a top employer for women

I’m delighted that we’ve been recognised by The Times as a Top 50 employer for women.

on 03 April 2014

Jon Rudoe: Our new grocery website

This weekend, we completed the launch of our improved grocery website. We began the roll-out of the new site in September last year, working our way through the country, store by store, post code by post code. The feedback from customers about the new site has been positive, the site is holding up well and we're excited to have made the site available to all our online customers.

By Our digital & online team on 02 April 2014

Victora Slater: Through the scheme I’ve found a real passion

Firstly a bit about me; I joined the scheme in September, after graduating from Cambridge University in 2011 with a degree in Classics. I then worked in Recruitment Consultancy before going travelling for 6 months last year. I know many of my fellow graduate cohort have outlined their first few months with Sainsbury’s, so I won’t rehash all of that. But instead I will start about two weeks into my first placement in Head Office.

By Our Graduates on 28 March 2014

Sainsbury’s Strawberries are a Sweet British Dream

This week sees the first British strawberries of the season land in Sainsbury’s stores.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 26 March 2014

Sarah Ellis: What do our customers care about?

At Sainsbury’s, we believe our values make us different, and that our customers share those values. We’re always interested in what’s on our customers’ minds, so we conduct regular research to get their views. Here are some interesting findings from the latest round.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 21 March 2014

Jacki Connor: Our fundraising heroes visit Number 10

Earlier this week four Sainsbury’s colleagues had an amazing experience they’ll never forget – the chance to visit Number 10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister!

on 19 March 2014

Roger Burnley: Sainsbury’s doubles number of colleagues joining campaign to inspire future leaders

Tomorrow is International Women's Day – a chance for us to celebrate the achievements of women not just within our organisation, but around the world.

By Our management team on 07 March 2014

Gok for Tu spring 2014 collection

Step in to Spring with Gok Wan’s elegant new collection for Tu at Sainsbury’s

By Our lifestyle team on 24 February 2014

Robert Jones - So what does it take to be a 2020 graduate?

A mere four months have passed since I started as a fresh faced Graduate and today I find myself in the general office of Sainsbury’s Hendon. “How many trolleys do we need to order?” cries the voice of my Store Manager. “When do I get my holiday forms back?” demands another colleague. “Rob, we need you downstairs at the checkouts!” comes a voice over the phone that I have pressed to my ear... Sound chaotic? Not at all, this is just another day as a Sainsbury’s 2020 Graduate.

By Our Graduates on 17 February 2014

Ally Dingwall: Our basics smoked salmon

Two weeks into the launch of our basics campaign – which is about helping our customers rebalance their budget without compromising on provenance and quality – we turn our focus to Sainsbury’s basics smoked salmon trimmings.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 31 January 2014

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