Alec Kyriakides: How Sainsbury’s is helping to reduce campylobacter

We’re making big strides as we look to tackle campylobacter. It’s been a real challenge over the years so I wanted to give you an update on some of the activities we, along with our farmers and suppliers, have been involved with.

on 18 November 2015

Mark Tutton: Fire safety over the festive season

Christmas is a very special time of the year for celebration, festivities and fun. In my role as Fire Safety Manager at Sainsbury’s, I know that as people put up their Christmas trees, decorate their houses and start to prepare the food, there is more opportunity for potential fire hazards.

on 12 November 2015

Angie Risley: Race Equality Matters

Our vision is to be the most inclusive retailer where people love to work and shop. Race equality is a very important part of this; so we, along with a number of other major UK companies, were keen to sponsor a survey on this run by the charity Business in the Community. The survey set out to clarify the state of race equality in UK workplaces and encourage discussion and action about the issues identified.

on 10 November 2015

Rachel Fairfield: Food donation partnerships

We don’t let any of our food go to waste. This is something we’re particularly proud of and to make sure nothing goes to landfill we have processes and initiatives in place to ensure we reduce, reuse, recycle and recover everything. As part of this 100s of our stores have formed local Food Donation Partnerships to help distribute left over food that is perfectly edible and safe.

on 09 November 2015

Ally Dingwall: Get involved in Seafood week

Friday 9th October marks the start of Seafood week, and runs until Friday 16th October. So, o-fish-ially it’s on for 8 days but it would be a shame to not squeeze in two fish Fridays.

on 09 October 2015

James Brown: Halloween safety

Over the past few months you may have seen news reports about the standards of safety in children’s Halloween costumes. Under current regulations, fancy dress is only required to be tested to the same standard as European toys. However, at Sainsbury’s, we don’t feel that that’s enough and as such from this Halloween all children’s dress up sold in our stores will be tested to the British nightwear flammability standard – the toughest standard that currently exists.

on 07 October 2015

Jon Hartland: plastic bag legislation

On 5th October, legislation will come into force in England introducing a levy on single-use plastic bags for all large retailers, including Sainsbury’s. Of course this has been happening for some time in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, so many of our customers are already familiar with how this works.

on 29 September 2015

Judith Batchelar: The UN Sustainable Development Goals

You might have seen the ‘Global Goals’ being talked about this week and would like to know what Sainsbury’s and our customers and colleagues can do to get involved.

on 25 September 2015

Sarah Ellis: To the rescue

Did you know that you can freeze your cheese? Or if you dip ageing carrots in water they’ll perk right up? We have put some great new messages on the walls of our stores so we can help our customers with great little tips like these. And we’re coming #ToTheRescue to help you to stop wasting, and start saving.

By CR & Society team on 22 September 2015

Waste less, Save more – UK town search

At Sainsbury’s we want to know our customers better than anyone else and our values remain at the heart of our business.

By Mike Coupe on 21 September 2015

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