Perfect products to leave you feeling pampered

Beauty lipstick and cream

If Blue Monday has left you feeling like you need a boost, then fear not, we have some fantastic, luxurious products to pamper and leave you feeling refreshed.

Thanks to our three wonderful beauty ranges, exclusive to Sainsbury’s stores, we have a wide selection of extra special treats and beauty essentials, all at great prices.

The Aroma Actives range is great for refreshing and rejuvenating your skin after the strain of the outdoor elements. Products such as the Triple Hydrating Gel Mask will help to cleanse, hydrate and lift the skin, and will give you an enviable look. Every Aroma Actives product features botanical and essential oils and are all free from harsh chemicals, so your skin will be truly refreshed in a natural way. Aroma Actives starts at a fantastically affordable £7.50.

The Skin Therapy range prides itself on banishing complicated skincare science, and makes skin protection easier to understand. The products are simple to use and feature daily essentials such as: Day Creams, Eye Make-Up Remover, Gentle Face Mousse and Cleansing Facial Wipes. Starting at just £3, your skin will look flawless in no time at all!  

After your new skincare routine, you will need something to emphasise your new revived look, and our range of Boutique lip-glosses, lipsticks, nail polish and eyeshadows complement every skin tone. Using the hottest beauty trends, the shades are carefully chosen by make-up gurus, Jo Saville and Sophia Price. Eyeshadows start at a beautifully affordable £4.

So whether you’re looking to refresh your skin or would like a glamorous new look, grab your complete makeover at your nearest Sainsbury’s.

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