Back to School lunchbox essentials


With the return of the packed lunch, why not take a peek at our lunchbox essentials to get you started for the first week back to school.

1) Sainsbury’s mini easy peelers x10, £1.60

Fruit is an important part of any lunchbox and these easy peelers are a great fun way of giving them one of their 5-a-day.


2) Sainsbury’s kids cheese dippers x4, £1.45

No-one likes a sandwich every day, these cheese dippers are a great alternative.

Dippers Crop

3) Sainsbury’s 12 mini white pitta, £1.20

Pittas are versatile with lots of options- these mini ones are great for little hands!

Pittas Crop

4) Be Good to Yourself Egg Mayonnaise Deli Filler 230g, £1.65

This is a tasty quick fix for a change from ham sandwiches!

Mayo Crop

5) Sainsbury’s Pure Variety Juice x6, £1.69

Another easy 5-a-day fix and the perfect size for lunchboxes.

Juice Crop

6) Sainsbury’s Strawberry Yogurt Tubes x6, £1.00

For an extra treat pop these in the freezer the night beforehand.

Yogs Crop

7) Pink Satchel - £19.99

Send that packed lunch in style with our cute pink satchel.

Satchel Crop

8) Amazing Spiderman 2 Lunchbag - £8.00

And no lunch can be amazing without an Amazing spider man lunchbox!

Spiderman Crop

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