Top 8 Glamping Essentials for Outdoor Indulgence

By Our lifestyle team on 05 August 2014

Hamper Crop

From a festival in a field, to a simple picnic in the park, we’ve got you covered.

1) Memory Lane Wicker Hamper; £15

Forget Tupperware and tinfoil, Al Fresco dining is chicer with our Instagram-worthy wicker hamper. Lined in candy pink, you can carry all your picnic essentials in style. Don’t forget champagne.


Picnic Chair Crop

2) Hot House Picnic Chair, £8

Create a relaxed, social space for your fellow glampers with comfortable and stylish seating. This Hot House picnic chair folds up so it’s ideal for a spontaneous afternoon outside.


Dry Shampoo

3) Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Revitalising Dry Shampoo, £3.50

Your locks shouldn’t have to suffer just because you haven’t showered in 36 hours- and your fellow glampers will be none the wiser after a spritz of your secret weapon: Phil Smith’s dry shampoo.High Ball Crop

4) Memory Lane highball, £2 and Pitcher, £5

Your cocktails shouldn’t have to suffer due to sheer lack of refrigeration, ice, and running water… Throw together ginger beer, some fresh mint and Sainsbury’s Summer Fruit Punch for a refreshing aperitif.



Solar Lights Crop

5) Sainsbury's Solar Coastal Lanterns Blue and White, £9 (usually £12)

Should you decide to brave a night outdoors, lighting is essential (Tweet This!)

Tiffin Tin


6) Sainsbury’s Tiffin Box, £12

For a shorter outdoor adventure; keep your food fresh in this fancy tiffin box. Ideal for avoiding soggy sandwiches and salads.




7) Sainsbury’s Single disposable BBQ, £2

It’s not officially glamping until you’ve grilled some Taste the Difference bacon and SO Organic tomatoes for breakfast.


Champagne Flutes Crop

8) Sainsbury’s Plastic Champagne Flutes, £2.50

And finally, celebrate your fearlessness and courage for bravely facing the wilderness with a toast! (Tweet This!)

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2 comments for “Top 8 Glamping Essentials for Outdoor Indulgence”

  • Neil Tomlinson15 August 2014 at 17:06:45

    can't possibly go glamping without Aquapax - eco-chic mineral water at its best in funky paper cartons :)

  • Chris Hudsons24 December 2015 at 06:16:16

    Great essentials to reflect. This is the best outdoor indulgence.


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