Claudia Barnett: 11 essential items every Fresher forgets

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While I am on my year-long-placement with the Sainsbury's Corporate Affairs team, many of my uni mates are preparing to head back to uni. To the Freshers reading this, I wanted to share with you some information that I wish I'd known when I started.

  1. Light bulbs: Most student halls don’t come with a bedside light. Chances are, you will pick one up on your first big shop or inherit one from home. But what use is a light without bulbs? A desk lamp may come in useful during all that first year studying...

    Gif Burns

  2. Extension lead: There’s nothing more frustrating than when you can’t use your phone, TV, games console, hair dryer, bedside lamp, laptop and speakers all at the same time

    Gif Cat Cable

  3. Can-opener: The likelihood of you living on some form of tinned food for a good majority of your student life is high. Be prepared

    Gif Spaghetti

  4. Cold and Flu medicine: Fresher’s flu will find you, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Eating badly, little sleep and lots of partying will wear down the best of us!

    Gif Hook

  5. Toothbrush: It’s always useful to have spares, especially if you share a bathroom with other students

    Gif Bieber

  6. Duvet and pillows: It’s easy enough to forget that you actually need bedding to put those new sheets on

    Gif Sleep

  7. Oven gloves: Really useful for all the 65p pizzas you’ll be baking - also very easily forgotten

    Gif Mrs Doubtfire

  8. 65p pizzas: Because otherwise you won’t need the oven gloves

    Gif Pizza

  9. Corkscrew: If, by chance, it’s a special occasion that involves corked wine, there really is nothing else in the world you can repurpose as a corkscrew without corking the wine!

    Gif Wine

  10. Insurance: Leaving your door open is great for socialising, it’s when you forget to close it that’s the problem. Don’t forget to insure all your valuables for university. Student houses are more likely to get broken into, as often they contain more than one of every personal tech item (for instance, 6 students = six laptops). It’s worth the few extra pounds every month, for the unlikely chance you may be unlucky

    Gif Britney

  11. Meal Card: Mum and dad keep one half and load money onto it, you keep the other and use it to buy food!

    Gif Culkin

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