Freedom Foodies Blogger Round Up

By CR & Society team on 26 September 2014

Freedom Foodies 05

Sainsbury’s celebrates 20 years of Freedom Food with the help of eight fantastic bloggers, their recipes and farm visits to showcase why Freedom Food is so important.

At Sainsbury's we're passionate about sourcing with integrity, which is why we support Freedom Food. Freedom Food is a scheme which was set up by the RSPCA 20 years ago, it's the only farm assurance scheme where members must meet animal welfare standards set by the RSPCA. If products have a Freedom Food logo on the packaging it means the animals and farms have been inspected to the RSPCA’s strict welfare standards.

We decided to ask eight bloggers for some brilliant recipes showcasing why Freedom Food is tasty and also better for livestock. We also invited Ellie Matthews from Young Domestic Goddess to explore one of our Freedom Food egg farms and Laura Scoot from How To Cook Good Food to one of our Freedom Food Pig Farms to see in practice what Freedom Food Accreditation means.

In this video you can see the happy hens on our Freedom Food Egg Farm as Blogger Ellie Matthews explores with Susie, the owner of Mac's Farm, as well as Ellie making her fabulous Shakshuka recipe, pictured below. 


Also check out Ellie's blog, Young Domestic Goddess, for her post on her farm visit and Shakshuka recipe. We really love this recipe idea!

Vegetable Galette CROP

Emily Leary, from A Mummy Too, has created a fantastic Roast Vegetable Mini Galette with Poached Egg, have a look at her amazing and affordable recipe.

 Chicken Skewers

Rachel Phipps has created these gorgeous Whole Lemon & Honey Barbecue Chicken Skewers, perfect for a belated BBQ. 

Sausasge Pasta 2

Jo, from Jo's Kitchen, has made this brilliant Spicy Sausage Pasta using Freedom Food Chorizo Sausages- very nice!

 Freedom Pigs

Laura Scott, from How to Cook Good Food, visited our Freedon Food pig farm, as you can see she made some very cute friends! She also learned a lot about the regulations in place for animals on Freedom Food Farms and how this ensures high animal welfare and happy pigs.

Japanese -pork

Laura was inspired by her visit to cook this beautiful Japanese Style Marinated Pork which is a great, refreshing way to cook pork. 

 Zesty Lime And Coriander Chicken

Anne, from Anne’s Kitchen, has created this fabulous Zesty Lime & Coriander Spatchcock Chicken to celebrate Freedom Food. She's also talked through some simple butchery skills- her post is worth a butchers!

 Salmon _noodles2

Lucy, from Super Golden Bakes, has created an unbelievable recipe. We really can't get enough of her Salmon with Soba Noodles! If you're not sure how to get the most flavour out of salmon this is definitely a dish for you.

 Chicken Stew

Michelle, from Utterly Scrummy Food, has made this warming Spicy Chicken Stew. We can't wait to make this once it starts getting colder!


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1 comment for “Freedom Foodies Blogger Round Up”

  • Laura@howtocookgoodfood03 October 2014 at 10:00:29

    What a fantastic round up of Freedom food ideas. Thanks for including me, the farm trip was great fun and educational too :)


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