Tuval Rockman: How we save water

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In 2011 we made a commitment to reduce the amount of water use by 50% against our 05/06 baseline. In March 2013 we achieved this goal but continue to work to reduce our usage further.

Here's how we've gone about improving water efficiency at Sainsbury's:

  • We’ve installed more than 600 automatic meters which help us detect leaks. This saves us nearly 6 million litres of water on average per leak every year
  • We use percussion taps that turn themselves off when not in use in our toilets and counters, and low flow taps that use 70% less water washing the dishes at our cafes and canteens
  • We have installed toilets which save 1.5-2 litres of water with every flush
  • We have installed over 145 rain water collection systems in our stores and petrol station car washes. In fact, all our new car washes are built to use recycled and reclaimed water
  • We have installed urinals which don’t require water to flush
  • We train our colleagues to be mindful of how they use water both instore and at home with helpful posters

  • Put all that together and we save over 393 Olympic sized swimming pools of water each year
  • Our water neutral store in Weymouth is saving nearly 7 million litres of water every year compared to what a store that size consumed in 2005/06. Weymouth College and Wey Valley School, our Water Neutral partners there are also seeing savings in excess of 3.5 million litres per annum as a result of our investment at these institutes.
  • Our Leicester water neutral store uses 15.5 million litres per year less than what it would have used in 2005/06, and our partnership with the University of Leicester saves roughly enough water to meet the average supply of 100 homes annually
  • We were also the first retailer and one of the first four companies ever to be certified with The Carbon Trust Water Standard, and in 2013 we won the Energy Awards for efficiency in water management recognising our achievements in taking responsibility and reducing our operational impact on the local water sources.

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