Judith Batchelar: From Cow to Customer

By Judith Batchelar on 17 December 2014

Cow To Customer Crop

I believe inspiring young women to consider careers in the food industry is an important part of my role as an Every Women in Retail Ambassador - especially as Sainsbury’s is a Times Top 50 Employer for Women.

Many people aren’t aware of the variety of exciting roles within the food and retail sectors, so on Tuesday 25 November, we hosted an 'Inspiring Women' event at Sainsbury’s Holborn Store Support Centre. We invited along 100 young women aged 13-15 from three local schools and 100 women from the retail and food sector with the aim of partnering young women with professional mentors.

As part of the event we showed our 'From Cow to Customer' film, which shows the journey of a Sainsbury’s Cheesecake, from the point the cow is milked to when our customers cut into their desert. At the same time, the film highlights the variety of roles women play in the retail and the food sector.

You can watch the film below - you may be surprised how many different roles are involved and the number of opportunities there are for young women. And remember, if there's a role that particularly interests you, have a look on our jobs website - we might be hiring!

If you'd like to know more about how to get a start in the food and retail sector, please let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to get back to you.

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1 comment for “Judith Batchelar: From Cow to Customer”

  • Julie Anderson15 April 2016 at 16:16:23

    Girl Power! I love this video, it is really empowering to see women succeeding in agriculture, food science and manufacturing! Well done to Sainsbury's for promoting this opportunity to young female students, the energy, passion and production in the video is great too....food for thought for sure - the diversity and inclusion focus makes me want to do my weekly shop at Sainsbury's tomorrow....mmm and strawberry cheesecake will definitely be in my trolley!


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