Our Animal Welfare Standards

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Animal welfare standards are really important to us at Sainsbury’s, just as we know they’re important to our customers, which is why we’re proud to have a long history of ethical sourcing.

Today we’re working hard on a range of programmes to ensure we continue to meet these standards, from funding industry-leading collaborative research to carefully assessing wellbeing using outcome measures such as lameness and disease levels. 

Whether you’re looking in our fresh and frozen aisles, or right down to ingredients in our sandwiches, ready meals and pies, all of Sainsbury's chicken is 100% British. What’s more, it all comes from farms that are Red Tractor assured, as well as meeting our own higher welfare standards.

Welfare continues off the farm too; all our chickens are carefully handled by specially trained teams of catchers and taken to abattoirs which are independently assessed for welfare. All of Sainsbury's chicken – like all of our other meat animals – are stunned prior to slaughter so that the animal can’t feel pain. We never use suppliers which slaughter animals without stunning, and all of our abattoirs are fitted with round-the-clock CCTV to help ensure the on-going high levels of welfare.

Even in our most affordable products, our standards make sure welfare is never compromised, but we also have great higher welfare ranges too. These include SO Organic and corn-fed chickens which are reared on special diets, free range chickens which have access to enhanced outdoor ranges, and RSPCA Assured chickens that come from farms independently approved by the charity. These farms are assessed annually to make sure they’re providing the increased space allowances, environmental enrichments and extra health and dietary checks laid out in the RSPCA welfare standards, so you can be sure that the birds have had a great life.

Sainsbury's are proud to be the UK's biggest RSPCA Assured seller, and over 50% of all RSPCA Assured sales are from our shelves.  

For more information about RSPCA Assured chicken, click here or have a watch of their recent advert explaining the work that they do.