Celebrating sustainability: our new interactive plan

Sustainability Plan 640

Sustainability is important for us all at Sainsbury’s and, whether we’re working directly with our farmers and growers, or simply making sure our chiller doors are closed between use, everyone in the business knows what an integral role they play.

Underpinning this all is our Sustainability Plan, a public commitment that details the business’ goals across seventeen different areas, from our targets for sustainable water use, right through to Active Youth; Fair Trade and packaging.  Launched in 2011, this plan was essential as it ensured we operated in a way that’s right for our customers, colleagues and communities alike.

Of course, the world around us is changing and for this reason last year we undertook work to refresh our plan, putting an increased focus on goals that really matter, and areas where our actions can make a huge impact. 

Today I’m pleased to announce that our plan has not only been launched, but also turned into an interactive look-book.  The reason behind this is simple, our business is built around five key values, and we pride ourselves on the fact these values make us different. Whether sourcing with integrity; helping customers lead healthier lives; respecting our environment; making a positive difference in the community; or providing a great place for our colleagues to work, by excelling in these areas we can set ourselves apart from other retailers, all while ensuring we’re always acting with sustainable futures in mind.

Likewise, we want people to engage with it and to give their feedback.  We’re proud of the work we’re doing and know that the more we can spread the word, the more others are likely to behave more sustainably too.

Within the plan you’ll be able to access a whole range of items, from our commitments and targets – and the ways in which we intend the reach these – right through to video clips from our colleagues talking through the importance of our values. You’ll also find key milestones, such as the success of our female mentoring programme, which has now had over 1,700 colleagues involved, or our 54% relative operational water reduction since 2005/6.  This means that, despite increasing the square foot of our estate by over 50%, Sainsbury’s still uses 1 billion litres of water less than it did a decade ago!

Essentially our goal is to be a place where our colleagues love to work, and our customers love to shop, and our Sustainability Plan can help us achieve this in the right ways, making sure that our actions today benefit our colleagues and customers of tomorrow too.

We’ve worked hard on our updated plan, and really do value your feedback.  So please, click through and let us know your thoughts!

Kirsten Doddy is Sainsbury’s Head of Corporate Responsibility & Society