How our Fish Welfare Standards have Earned us First Plaice

fish sustainability

We’re proud of our position as the leading retailer of certified, sustainable, wild-caught fish. In 2016 alone we were named the Marine Stewardship Council’s Retailer of the Year for the third year running, as well as winning their Fish Counter of the Year award.

Likewise when it comes to farmed fish, every product we sell is already certified to a globally recognised best aquaculture practices standard, giving our customers sustainable choices across a whole range of products. 1

We also recognise the relationship between high welfare standards, the maintenance of fish health and the quality of the product supplied. So, to ensure that our standards are met, each farm supplying Sainsbury’s must implement a formal plan, which clearly details provisions for the health and welfare of farmed stock. In addition, plans will cover key areas relating to health monitoring and recording, disease prevention, feeding, stocking density, water quality, predator control, treatments, movements and slaughter, along with training provision for farmers and require the presence of a nominated appropriately experienced veterinary surgeon, whose responsibility it is to advise on the health and welfare of the fish.

Along with our own-brand Atlantic salmon, all of our farmed rainbow trout and loch trout are grown on farms  which are certified to the RSPCA higher welfare standards for those species. The RSPCA Assured (formerly Freedom Food) logo is also displayed on packs.

We believe that our values make us different, and our commitment to Source with Integrity plays a large part in this.  Likewise we work towards targets set out by our Sustainability Plan, which includes areas like sustainable fish alongside our commitments to reducing operational waste, water and packaging.

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