Use your brain and save the drains

Infographic Water

With the mince pies, mistletoe and all the festive fun, it’s unlikely that many of us will turn our thoughts to our drains this Christmas. But, thanks to all our festive feasts, the month of December will see UK households pour around 500 tonnes of fat down our sinks. That’s 25% more than at any other time of the year.

Fats can harden as they cool, causing blockages in drains and sewers, leading to nasty smells, overflowing and flooding – not what anyone needs at Christmas! Thankfully such blockages are easily avoidable just by being careful about what you put down the sink.

This is why we’re working with local water organisations to ask people to take a moment this Christmas and remember to keep fats and oils should go in the bin.

Our easy-to-follow infographic guides you on how to dispose fat, oils and grease so you can help keep Britain's waste water network flowing this Christmas, and all year round.


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