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We’ve hand picked a roster of Experts that will write about issues ranging from animal welfare to carbon footprinting, Fairtrade to equal employment rights.

CR & Society team We support all the fantastic community and charity work that our colleagues organise.

Expert_Annie Denny

Annie Denny As Sainsbury's nutritionist, I make sure that all our own brand products live up to our high quality standards and help our customers live a healthier life.

Expert_Beth Hart

Beth Hart We have been supporting British farmers for over 142 years. My team and I work hard to buy British products whenever we can, in order to double our sales by 2020..

Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team Join us to learn about the challenges and opportunities of sourcing your products ethically and sustainably.

Great Place to Work team We’ve got 157,000 fantastic colleagues and we're passionate about making Sainsbury’s a place they love to work, so they can make it a place where our customers love to shop

Expert_Helen Buck

Helen Buck Along with the Health Steering Group, I also chair our Alcohol Steering Group, which ensures we have the right approach to responsible drinking.

Expert_Judith Batchelar

Judith Batchelar I am responsible for all our own brand products and help make Fairtrade part of the nation's everyday shopping habits.

Our digital & online team All the latest news from our digital and online teams.

Sainsbury's graduates

Our Graduates The graduates on our 2020 Leaders programme write about their experiences as Sainsbury's graduates.

Lifestyle PR team

Our lifestyle team We’ll be bringing you all the news from the lifestyle team, including fashion, home and entertainment

Our management team Updates from our management team about our business.

Expert_Paul Crewe

Paul Crewe I am responsible for significantly reducing Sainsbury's operational and embodied carbon footprint.

Our Sustainability plan

Our Sustainability Plan shows our journey addressing the challenges and opportunities not only relevant to our business but also to the world.

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Our commitments

Follow our experts as they work to fulfill our 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan and provide their views on the big issues affecting our business.

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Our values

Our values guide us in everything we do - from key decisions to day-today activities.

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