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Mike du Sautoy: Forum for the Future

I recently participated in an away day facilitated by one of our partners, Forum for the Future, run in turn for one of their partners, Kimberly-Clark.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 09 October 2013

Charlotte Rhodes: We love 'ugly' veg!

Today's edition of The Daily Mail raises the important issue of food waste. But whilst some have said customers are unnecessarily 'fussy', our experience is different.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 11 December 2013

Sarah Ellis: What do our customers care about?

At Sainsbury’s, we believe our values make us different, and that our customers share those values. We’re always interested in what’s on our customers’ minds, so we conduct regular research to get their views. Here are some interesting findings from the latest round.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 21 March 2014

Sainsbury’s Strawberries are a Sweet British Dream

This week sees the first British strawberries of the season land in Sainsbury’s stores.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 26 March 2014

Ally Dingwall: Visiting our cod and haddock supplier in Iceland

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting one the fisheries we work with in Iceland. The majority of our fresh cod and haddock are sourced from this line capture fishery in Iceland. Our Icelandic supplier, Saemark, works closely with fishing partners in 4 communities on the west coast of Iceland to deliver outstanding freshness and quality to Sainsbury’s fish counters.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 25 January 2012

Stuart Lendrum: UK Packaging Awards

We are over the moon with our success at the UK Packaging Awards this week. Having achieved 5 shortlisted nominations,we scooped 2 awards and a highly commended. We work really hard reduce packaging whilst improving it and making customers lives easier. It's great to get recognition from the whole industry.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 18 November 2011

Natalie Smith: Visiting our concept farm in East Yorkshire

We know that animal welfare is a top priority for our customers, so the work we do in the Agriculture Team with our 2,500 farmers in the Sainsbury’s Development Groups is crucial to ensure that welfare standards remain high. We also work with our farmers to help ensure our supply chains are sustainable, efficient and profitable and therefore fit for the future.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 20 October 2011

Mary Salmon: Water scarcity in the future

The 2008 Goldman Sachs ‘Top Five Risks’ Conference identified a catastrophic global water shortage as a greater global risk than soaring food prices and scarcity of energy resources. In addition, a recent study by the 2030 Water Resources Group found that there could be a potential shortfall of 40% in water resources available across the world by 2030.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 13 February 2012

Stuart Wright: Our suppliers are key partners in delivering our 20x20 Sustainability Plan

This week we welcomed 200 of our key suppliers for our Annual Supplier Conference. Our senior leadership team provided an update on our business performance and talked about our 20x20 Sustainability Plan and some of the exciting projects we hope to progress with our suppliers.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 07 June 2013

Stuart Wright: In udder news

We took another important step forward towards our sourcing commitments this week when we announced new three-year contracts with our milk processors. Our milk supply chain is still the best example of our farmer – processor – supermarket – customer collaboration and is a truly sustainable business model. This is a way of working we are trying to emulate across the rest of our Farmer and Grower Development Groups.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 22 February 2013

Stuart Wright: What might Sainsbury’s have achieved by 2020?

On November 21, the glitterati of the sustainability world convened to discuss progress on our 20x20 plan. Over 140 experts and suppliers chewed things over with 60 members of Sainsbury’s 20x20 team, our CEO, Justin King, and Anna Ford, the Chair of our Corporate Responsibility Committee.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 23 November 2012

Stuart Wright: Our approach to zero food waste

Last year we clearly outlined 20 stretching socially and environmentally responsible goals that we aim to achieve by 2020. I’m very encouraged by the progress we’ve made and I’m enormously proud of the great strides we’ve taken, with the help of our customers and colleagues, to eradicate food waste in an environmentally sustainable way.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 02 July 2012

Stuart Lendrum: Reducing packaging to a minumum

We have been at the forefront of packaging reduction for many years, before being an original signatory to the first Courtauld commitment, a voluntary agreement with WRAP to improve resource efficiency and reduce the carbon and wider environmental impact of grocery retail.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 14 September 2011

Natalie Smith: Woodland eggs, chickens and turkeys

We have a long-standing commitment to animal welfare, and in 2009 we were the first major retailer to stop selling eggs from caged hens. We managed this a year ahead of our 2010 target and more than two years ahead of Government legislation. In addition, we will ensure that by 2012, any eggs we use as an ingredient in our own-brand foods are from cage-free hens.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 11 September 2011

Mary Salmon: Water – our operations

We want to use less water and our aim is to cut usage by 50 per cent per m2 of sales area by 2012.* So far, our investment in water management has helped us make a 30 per cent water reduction, so we are well on track to achieving this target.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 17 October 2011

Stuart Lendrum: Reducing apple, juice and pizza packaging

Packaging does not only have to be environmentally friendly but needs to be multi-functional by meeting design and storage requirements. Here are three recent examples of how we are working towards reducing our packaging by half compared to 2005.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 19 October 2011

Ally Dingwall: Why we're so committed to sustainable fishing

In 2010, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation reported that between 80 per cent and 85 per cent of the world's major fisheries are fully exploited, over-exploited or depleted. This is why we are so committed to sourcing our fish in a sustainable and responsible way.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 03 October 2011

Ally Dingwall: Our basics smoked salmon

Two weeks into the launch of our basics campaign – which is about helping our customers rebalance their budget without compromising on provenance and quality – we turn our focus to Sainsbury’s basics smoked salmon trimmings.

By Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Team on 31 January 2014

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