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We’ve got 157,000 fantastic colleagues and we're passionate about making Sainsbury’s a place they love to work, so they can make it a place where our customers love to shop

Deborah Dorman: Over 25,000 years of experience at Sainsbury's long service dinner

Earlier this month I was asked to host a table at Sainsbury’s Long Service Dinner at the Lancaster Hotel, London. The Dinner, held annually and attended by the Operating Board including Chief Executive Justin King, is a long-standing tradition at Sainsbury’s and an opportunity to celebrate those colleagues that have over 25 years’ service with us.

By Great Place to Work team on 28 November 2011

Jacki Connor: Our colleague conference

Beyond the fact that we enjoy getting together and celebrating who we are, there's an important reason why our company holds an annual conference like this.

By Great Place to Work team on 03 October 2013

Deborah Dorman: Health and wellbeing of our colleagues

We try to maximise the health and wellbeing of our colleagues by promoting and supporting healthy lifestyles. Wellbeing is not simply about preventing sickness or injury, but about work/life balance. We all want our colleagues to feel we support them on challenges they face both at or away from work.

By Great Place to Work team on 08 June 2011

Deborah Dorman: Engaging colleagues through internal communication

We have always known that our colleagues are more committed to giving great service when they're more involved in our business. They achieve more when they understand how their efforts are contributing to a wider goal and when they are recognised for the contribution they make.

By Great Place to Work team on 11 August 2011

Deborah Dorman: Development opportunities for our colleagues

We know what an impact it can have for colleagues to benefit from first-rate training, and when it leads to externally recognised qualifications, it's even better.

By Great Place to Work team on 07 September 2011

Deborah Dorman: The benefits of a diverse workforce

We firmly believe in the benefits a diverse workforce brings. It helps us to understand and adapt to the changing needs of our customers, and offers new and different perspectives on the challenges we may face. Our aim is to create an environment where everyone is welcome and where everyone can be the best they can be.

By Great Place to Work team on 24 August 2011

Helen Paxton: Doubling our colleague discount to celebrate Sainsbury's 1,000th store

This week Roger Burnley, Sainsbury’s Retail and Logistics Director, opened our 1,000th store at Irvine, Scotland. This was a fantastic achievement and shows just how far Sainsbury’s has come since John James and Mary Sainsbury opened the first store 142 years ago on London’s Drury Lane.

By Great Place to Work team on 01 December 2011

Our Sustainability plan

Our Sustainability Plan shows our journey addressing the challenges and opportunities not only relevant to our business but also to the world.

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Our commitments

Follow our experts as they work to fulfill our 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan and provide their views on the big issues affecting our business.

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Our values

Our values guide us in everything we do - from key decisions to day-today activities.

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