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The graduates on our 2020 Leaders programme write about their experiences as Sainsbury's graduates.

Tom Norris: From jamming doughnuts to store management

The fact that I’m writing this blog from the newly opened Tottenham Store highlights the range of exciting opportunities that are available on Sainsbury’s 2020 graduate scheme.

By Our Graduates on 15 November 2013

Eleanor Bird: Sainsbury's grad scheme will make you love Mondays

Most people don’t enjoy Mondays, but perhaps they need to experience a Monday as a graduate at Sainsbury’s. Monday 15th April has to be my favourite so far: Hannah Cockroft, Robbie Grabarz and Josie Pearson to my right, an excited group of journalists to my left. And in front of me was the stunning view of the Olympic Stadium, as Sainsbury’s was confirmed as the title sponsor of the Sainsbury’s Summer Series.

By Our Graduates on 17 June 2013

A six month placement is no time at all – it’ll absolutely fly by!

Being on the Sainsbury’s 2020 leaders programme is all about making the most out of each of your placements; building some brilliant relationships, meeting new people, being accountable for influential projects and decisions, selling your ideas to senior managers and invariably making mistakes along the way – but as I’ve found out it is how we learn from our experiences to become better leaders that’s most important!

By Our Graduates on 24 April 2013

Sioned Read: Just another day in the life of a Sainsbury’s Graduate

Friday night I found myself stood in the entrance of Sainsbury’s Balham wearing a onesie selling red noses! Don’t worry, I haven’t been worked so hard that I’ve lost the plot; this was just another day in the life of a Sainsbury’s graduate!

By Our Graduates on 18 March 2013

John Morrison: Keeping it fresh at Sainsbury’s

It’s Wednesday and it’s my day off. So far the Sainsbury’s 2020 Scheme is living up to everything I thought it was going to be; not 9-5; not Monday to Friday and anything but monotonous. In this installment of the ‘Our Graduates’ blog I want to briefly take you through my first six months in retail and give you a snapshot of what the Operations Scheme will look like for the forthcoming year.

By Our Graduates on 11 March 2013

Our grads: Doing our bit for Red Nose Day

Making a positive difference to our community is a big part of life at Sainsbury's. Which is why we thought that we needed to do our bit to raise money for Red Nose Day this year. So what are we up to?

By Our Graduates on 19 February 2013

Sophie Bates: Sainsbury's grad scheme - the story so far

As the night draws in, I grab my bag, coat and car keys and wave goodbye to a sea of friendly faces. My new family. It’s a Saturday night and the end of my first week as a standalone Customer Services Manager. There have been no major catastrophes or complaints... I have survived. Cue big sigh of relief.

By Our Graduates on 05 February 2013

Adam Connell: A walk on part in a ‘Year Like No Other’

2012 has been a remarkable year by any measure. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the recent announcement of a royal baby have offered us all some much needed cheer in difficult times. In this Year Like No Other, Sainsbury’s has caught the mood of the nation and thrown itself into the festivities, and I’ve been lucky to play my part.

By Our Graduates on 07 January 2013

Hugh Sultoon: More than just a Supermarket

On the 2020 Graduate Programme, I did not expect to meet Ledley King, find out in detail how curries are made or serve 100 football fans breakfast on a Sunday morning, but this is all just a typical day as a graduate in the wonderful world of Sainsbury’s.

By Our Graduates on 19 December 2013

Victora Slater: Through the scheme I’ve found a real passion

Firstly a bit about me; I joined the scheme in September, after graduating from Cambridge University in 2011 with a degree in Classics. I then worked in Recruitment Consultancy before going travelling for 6 months last year. I know many of my fellow graduate cohort have outlined their first few months with Sainsbury’s, so I won’t rehash all of that. But instead I will start about two weeks into my first placement in Head Office.

By Our Graduates on 28 March 2014

Jo Oakley: Once a customer, now a colleague!

The Sainsbury’s Graduate scheme is anything but mundane. In just 3 months I have already experienced the daily life of working in a store, attended the Sainsbury’s annual conference with 5,000 other colleagues and helped open the largest new Sainsbury’s supermarket in London.

By Our Graduates on 12 December 2013

Romy Clay: Supermarkets don’t grow on trees

You may have heard of the Sainsbury’s 2020 graduate scheme; it's probably why you’re on this blog right now. However, not many people know about the Property Graduate Scheme and I thought it was important to give an insight into the other opportunities Sainsbury’s has to offer.

By Our Graduates on 21 May 2014

Oliver Tomlins: A first taste of management

When I joined the company back in September, I was issued with my name badge and welcomed into the Sainsbury’s family. Eight months down the line and the 2020 Leaders Operations scheme has provided me with front-line experience which has developed my appreciation of how the business functions and the challenges it faces on a daily basis.

By Our Graduates on 30 April 2014

Sioned Read: Time flies when you’re having fun

When people ask me how long I have worked at Sainsbury’s, it always shocks me when I answer ‘about 18 months now’ (and I think that even this is underselling it a bit – it’s probably more like almost 2 years!). So is it just a case of ‘time flies when you’re having fun?’

By Our Graduates on 02 June 2014

Calum Kelly: Blooming great start to the Horticultural Graduate Scheme

I’m Calum, Sainsbury’s first horticultural graduate, and I have spent the last five months working at our biggest floral supplier in the UK, with the last 6 weeks based at a leading flower breeder in Holland. I have introduced myself to many people since I started in September, and all reacted to my role with a mix of curiosity and confusion. Don’t worry, I will explain all.

By Our Graduates on 17 June 2014

Becky Deeley: My first taste of food retail

Many of you will be reading this to gain insight into the 20x20 graduate scheme, however Sainsbury's also has an Own Brand graduate scheme which is very focused on the own brand products which make up around half of Sainsbury's food and grocery sales, and I am part of their placement scheme.

By Our Graduates on 30 June 2014

Emma Farnhill: Managing her first campaign and her proudest moment so far

Unlike some of the other grad blogs you may have read, mine is based on the 2020 Commercial Placement, which is part of my year in Industry. I didn’t know what to expect from a placement at Sainsbury’s, so I hope that if you’re in the application process this will give you something of an insight!

By Our Graduates on 19 September 2014

Natalie Quint: A Taste of Own Brand

I am one of the six Own Brand Graduates from the September 2013 intake. So, how did I get here?

By Our Graduates on 28 July 2014

Peter Mossendew: Property Graduate Scheme – One year on

The Property Division at Sainsbury’s is a hidden world, only those lucky enough to work here really understand the exciting and crucial role it plays in driving the business forward. You name it, we’re involved in it. Having had the privilege of being on the Property Graduate scheme for the last year, I wanted to give the outside world a glimpse of what we get up to.

By Our Graduates on 19 September 2014

Kathryn Eastwood: Sainsbury’s does property

Sainsbury’s property portfolio is vital to its business. Without it, there would be no stores to trade from, nowhere to hold goods awaiting distribution and no offices to coordinate these processes. But most people are at a loss as to what our Coventry-based Property Department actually does. Hopefully, I can shed some light on what goes on in our Midlands Store Support Centre!

By Our Graduates on 20 August 2014

Abi Pycroft: Learning all about the right shade of orange

I joined Sainsbury’s three years after I left university, as I really wanted to gain some work experience and go travelling. I’m so glad that I got to go and explore the world before getting stuck into my career, but by the time my first day came round I was definitely ready for a challenge.

By Our Graduates on 12 August 2014

Lucy McCarthy: Building a pet-tacular range

To think that it has been a whole year since I joined the Sainsbury’s graduate scheme is a little scary! Oh how time flies when you are learning so much! So what have I been up to?

By Our Graduates on 24 October 2014

Robert Jones - So what does it take to be a 2020 graduate?

A mere four months have passed since I started as a fresh faced Graduate and today I find myself in the general office of Sainsbury’s Hendon. “How many trolleys do we need to order?” cries the voice of my Store Manager. “When do I get my holiday forms back?” demands another colleague. “Rob, we need you downstairs at the checkouts!” comes a voice over the phone that I have pressed to my ear... Sound chaotic? Not at all, this is just another day as a Sainsbury’s 2020 Graduate.

By Our Graduates on 17 February 2014

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