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Neil Sachdev: Sharing our expertise is the future

It’s been two years since we first launched our 20x20 Sustainability Plan and I’m really proud of the reaction we’ve received, especially about the progress we’ve made towards achieving the stretching environmental targets we set ourselves.

By Our management team on 19 December 2013

Mike Coupe: Creating shared value

When it came to planning ‘another year on event’ for 20x20, we wanted discussion and feedback to be a key focus of the morning event. We wanted to look at progress over the last two years and more importantly, the journey we’re still on. I don’t think it’s in our interest to simply get on stage and reel off our achievements, it’s a discussion.

By Our management team on 19 December 2013

Mark Given: The story of Christmas in a Day

With seven weeks to go until Christmas, the great British countdown has now well and truly begun. But at Sainsbury’s, our countdown to Christmas started some 14 months ago as we embarked on what I think is the boldest, most exciting project we’ve done. It’s also the campaign of which I’m personally most proud.

By Our management team on 13 November 2013

Alec Kyriakides: From Educating children about Nutrition to our commitment of being the best for food and health

The opportunity to host the Best for Food & Health (BF&H) breakout group was really exciting for me – I’m passionate about food safety and health and doing as much as we can to help our customers live a healthy lifestyle - so chairing the BF&H group was a real pleasure.

By Our management team on 19 December 2013

Corporate citizens – linking communities together

I spent Wednesday at our 20x20 Sustainability event in our Store Support Centre in Holborn, Central London. Following an external perspective led by Sally Uren from Forum for the Future and Justin’s sustainability progress report, I chaired the ‘Corporate Citizens’ breakout session.

By Our management team on 19 December 2013

Taking our colleagues on the 20x20 journey

There are so many reasons why our sustainability targets are important, for the environment, for our sourcing credentials, and for our approach as an ethical business.

By Our management team on 19 December 2013

Roger Burnley: Sainsbury’s doubles number of colleagues joining campaign to inspire future leaders

Tomorrow is International Women's Day – a chance for us to celebrate the achievements of women not just within our organisation, but around the world.

By Our management team on 07 March 2014

Justin King: Waste not, want not

"Waste not, want not,” was a guiding principle of our grandparents’ generation, but it’s never been more relevant today. In a world of diminishing resources, retailers have a responsibility not only to trade sustainably, but also to help our customers to live sustainably too.

By Our management team on 13 June 2014

Paul Mills-Hicks: A fair price for our dairy farmers

The difficulties faced by parts of the British dairy industry is of course an important topic, but coverage has tarred all retailers with the same brush. The heartening fact is that customers have a positive choice – they can choose to buy 100% British milk from a retailer that guarantees a fair price for British producers, or they can shop elsewhere.

By Our management team on 21 January 2015

Sarah Warby: Proud to be at Pride 2015

At Sainsbury’s our diversity and equality vision is to be the most inclusive retailer where people love to work and shop. As Operating Board Sponsor for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT), I work with our LGBT Network to create an environment of equal opportunities in which we can all be the best we can be, confident that diverse views are listened to.

By Our management team on 08 May 2015

Mike Coupe: 20x20 Sustainability Plan update

As the new leader of this business I’m particularly proud of the progress we’ve made over the past year towards our 20x20 commitments.

By Our management team on 01 December 2014

James Brown: How Tu clothes are made

I love fashion and design but where and how our clothes are made is just as important to me. It all begins in our offices in Coventry with our fantastic Tu design team. They keep on top of catwalk trends and travel abroad to get new ideas so we can bring you inspiring new collections every six weeks.

By Our management team on 11 July 2014

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