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I am responsible for significantly reducing Sainsbury's operational and embodied carbon footprint.

Putting wood waste to positive use

It feels as if winter has really arrived these last couple of weeks, the days are noticeably shorter and the heating is now switched on at my home. I live in an area with no Gas connection and my boiler runs on heating oil which can be expensive to run, so I’m looking forward to lighting my new wood burning stove I have installed in my living room for the very first time this coming weekend. It was installed only last week and I have a supply of logs all ready, it should mean I will be able to turn down my radiators, start saving some energy and help reduce my carbon impact too.

By Paul Crewe on 24 November 2011

How to recycle your Christmas cards and other festive waste

While I sit at home watching the flames on my log burner, with just a few days to go until we hit the New Year, I have been thinking about what we have achieved over the past year in 2012. It’s been a year of great achievements and celebrations, from the Diamond Jubilee to the London 2012 Paralympic and Olympic Games, and we’ve also celebrated a few of our own Sainsbury’s successes along the way linked to our aim of being the UK’s greenest grocer.

By Paul Crewe on 30 December 2012

To PV, or not to PV: That is the question

I am looking out of my office window in our Sainsbury’s Store Support Centre, watching the glorious sun (for a change) and thinking back to the incredible variations in weather conditions we have experienced so far this summer. The one thing you can be absolutely sure of is changeable weather in the UK.

By Paul Crewe on 22 August 2012

What happens with out of date food?

Recently I had the privilege to speak at the Sustainability Live conference at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham and afterwards took the opportunity to look around the exhibition. I was absolutely astounded by the vast amount of companies involved in the waste industry and the many sustainable ways that waste can be put to great use.

By Paul Crewe on 09 July 2012

Bee happy now that Spring has arrived

At last the calendar says that spring has officially sprung, although it doesn’t quite feel like that yet after we have gone through the coldest weather in March on record since 1910.

By Paul Crewe on 11 April 2013

Paul Crewe: Why we're creating a buzz around bees

There are 20,000 species of bee worldwide – but did you know that only twelve of those species makes honey?

By Paul Crewe on 24 June 2014

Paul Crewe: Our LED lighting transformation

Our move to LED lighting not only saves energy as part of our 20x20 sustainability plan but also transforms our stores and depots.

By Paul Crewe on 19 November 2014

Every drop counts

The past week has seen news stories about our unusually dry winter and that unless we have a very wet spring there could be a drought, especially in the southeast of England.

By Paul Crewe on 23 February 2012

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