Getting kids reading – with a little Make Believe

Our Make Believe reading corners are bringing children closer to books, as part of our commitment to raising literacy levels in Britain.

At Sainsbury’s we believe it’s vital that children in Britain have the reading skills they need when they leave primary school. So we support children’s literacy by getting youngsters reading at Make Believe events in our stores.

Make Believe reading corners

In March 2017, we hosted Make Believe reading corners in 25 of our biggest supermarkets – to celebrate the 20th anniversary of World Book Day – and invited local schools along.

Children’s authors such as Tom Percival, Rosie Greening and Joe Berger all turned up to read to kids, as did much loved characters such as Wally, Elmer the patchwork elephant and Peppa Pig.

In Amblecote, in the West Midlands, we hosted a Harry Potter event – while in London Colney we ran a session based on Judith Kerr’s classic character, Mog the cat.


Amount our economy could grow by 2025, if all 11-year-olds could read well, according to research by Save the Children.

A Sainsbury's colleague celebrates Make Believe Week

A life-changing pledge

The Make Believe reading corners are all part of our work with the National Literacy forum – a policy forum led by the National Literacy Trust.

As part of this initiative, we recently signed the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge for the second year running.

The Vision for Literacy campaign shares the same goals as the Read on. Get On campaign launched by Save the Children in 2015, to get all children reading well at the age of 11 by 2025. Save the Children’s research shows that reading not only changes lives for the better but can boost the economy too.

In 2015, our award winning Christmas campaign, Christmas is for Sharing, featured Mog the cat and together with author Judith Kerr and publisher HarperCollins we donated £1.5m to the Read on. Get on campaign.