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A list of common used phrases and terminology on this website with their definitions.


'Active Kid's' Our nationwide scheme to help inspire school children to take more exercise and to eat more healthily. Launched in 2005, Active Kids is open to all nursery, primary and secondary schools as well as Scouts and Girl Guides in the UK.

AGM - Annual General Meeting This year the AGM will be held on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London SW1P 3EE at 11.00am.



B Shares Preference B shares issued on 12 July 2004 as part of the Return of Capital scheme in 2004/05.

'basics' Sainsbury's core sub-brand range of products.

'BGtY' - 'Be Good to Yourself' Sainsbury's healthier alternative sub-brand range of products. Products are either: those with less than 3 per cent fat or those with less calories, salt and saturated fat than standard lines.

bps basic points.



Company  J Sainsbury plc.

CMBS  Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities.

CPI  Consumer Price Index.

CR - Corporate responsibility  The need to act responsibly in managing the impact on a range of stakeholders - customers, colleagues, investors, suppliers, the community and the environment.



'Different values'  Campaign launched in 2007 to emphasise the higher quality specifications and great value of Sainsbury's own-branded products.

Dividend cover  Underlying profit after tax from continuing operations attributable to equity shareholders divided by total value of dividends declared during the year.

DRIP - Dividend Reinvestment Plan  Allows shareholders to reinvest their cash dividend in shares of the Company through a specially arranged share dealing service.