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Company profits are customarily returned to shareholders in part in the form of dividends. The frequency and amount per share of dividend payments are decided by the Board of Directors. J Sainsbury plc normally pays an interim dividend each December/January and a final dividend for the previous financial year in July.

Financial Year06/0707/0808/0909/1010/11
Interim 2.40p 3.00p 3.60p 4.00p 4.30p
Final 7.35p 9.00p 9.60p 10.20p 10.80p
Total net 9.60p 12.00p 13.20p 14.20p 15.10p
Financial Year11/1212/1313/1414/1515/16
Interim 4.50p 4.80p 5.00p 5.00p 4.00p
Final 11.60p 11.90p 12.30p 8.20p 8.10p
Total net 16.10p 16.70p 17.30p 13.20p 12.10p

See key dividend payment and ex-dividend dates in the financial calendar.

Dividends direct to your bank account

You can benefit from having dividends paid direct into your bank account. This means you will be credited with the dividend on the payment date and there is no chance that the cheque will be lost in the post. You will receive details of the payment via a tax voucher. Meanwhile, at Sainsbury's, we can cut down on paper and postage costs. To arrange direct payment of your dividends, please visit www.investorcentre.co.uk or, alternatively, contact our registrars on +44 (0)370 702 0106.

Shareholders who have no dividend payment arrangement will receive a cheque for each dividend payment, along with a tax voucher. Whether you receive a tax voucher for each payment, or whether you receive a consolidated annual tax voucher as above, you are advised to keep the vouchers to help you with your tax returns.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan ("DRIP")

The Company operates a DRIP which allows shareholders to reinvest their cash dividends in more J Sainsbury plc shares bought in the market through a specially arranged share dealing service. No new shares are allotted under this DRIP and nearly 30,000 shareholders currently participate in it. Full details of the DRIP and its charges, together with mandate forms, are available from our registrars.

Key dates for the final dividend are as follows:

Last date for return or revocation of plan mandates 9 December  2016
Plan shares purchased for participants 4 January 2017
Plan share certificates issued 12 January 2017

Shares purchased through the DRIP were acquired at the following prices:

Dividend date DRIP price
08 July 2016 £2.222051
04 January 2016 £2.5512
10 July 2015 £2.5848
02 January 2015 £2,4422
11 July 2014 £3.152011
03 January 2014 £3.7372
12 July 2013 £3.8308
04 January 2013 £3.3315
13 July 2012 £3.1197
06 January 2012 £3.01402
15 July 2011 £3.2011
07 January 2011 £3.9053
16 July 2010 £3.4834
08 January 2010 £3.2911
17 July 2009 £3.1889
02 January 2009 £3.366444
18 July 2008 £2.889
04 January 2008 £4.20309
20 July 2007 £5.9385
05 January 2007 £4.19933
21 July 2006 £3.3775
06 January 2006 £3.19569

Risk warning

Investments made under the DRIP are in one company only and should therefore be considered as one part of a balanced portfolio. You should be aware that the price and value of any investments and the income, if any, from them, can fluctuate and may fall against your interest. You may get back less than you invest. Past performance is not a guide to future performance and if you are in any doubt about the suitability of this investment you should contact an independent authorised financial advisor.

Consolidated tax vouchers

Starting in July 2010, the Company adopted the Consolidated Tax Voucher (CTV) process in relation to future dividend payments. This means that rather than shareholders receiving a separate tax voucher for each dividend payment made they receive a CTV once a year, detailing all payments made throughout that year. 

Shareholders who wish to continue to receive tax vouchers as and when dividends are produced should contact our registrars, Computershare Investor Services PLC.

Global Payment Service

If you are an overseas shareholder you can choose to have your dividend paid directly into your bank account in your local currency by using our registrar's Global Payment Service. This service will mean that you receive your dividend quicker than by cheque and there is no chance that the payment will be lost in the postal system. The Global Payment Service will deduct a fee of £5.00 from your dividend to cover the cost of exchanging the amount from pounds sterling to your chosen currency and you should therefore be sure that the total amount of your dividend is appropriate before you elect for the service.

How to receive your dividend payments direct to your local bank account

  1. Register at www.investorcentre.co.uk
  2. Enter your activation code once you have received it in the post
  3. Add your Global Payment mandate instruction

For further information, to view the terms & conditions and to register to receive dividends in your local currency, please visit  www.investorcentre.co.uk or download the flyer. You will need to register for the Investor Centre service and, once you have done this, you should choose Global Payments from the 'Update My Details' tab and follow the on-screen prompts. Alternatively, you can contact our registrars on +44 (0) 870 889 3229.

Management and board

Biographies of our plc and operating board directors and the committees they are a member of.

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Financial performance

Here is an overview of our financial performance. More detailed information is available in the 5 year summary and the Investor section.