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We encourage you to join the growing number of our shareholders who have opted to receive their shareholder communications electronically. By registering to receive electronic communications you will be able to:

  • Receive notification of the publication of the Annual Report and notices of general meetings by email
  • Submit your proxy vote online
  • Check the balance and current value of your shareholding
  • View your dividend payment history

You can request to receive all future communications electronically at http://www.investorcentre.co.uk/etreeuk/jsainsbury You will need your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) which can be found on either your share certificate or a recent dividend tax voucher. During registration, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of the service. Please read these carefully, as they will set out the basis on which shareholder communications will be sent to you.


For each eTree registration by a Sainsbury's shareholder, a donation will be made to the Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation charity. All saplings will be planted through the Trust's Tree for All campaign, a national tree planting and education programme, working with schools and communities to plant 12 million trees (one for every child in the UK).


Why does J Sainsbury plc offer electronic shareholder communications?

Legislation has been introduced to enable all companies to communicate with their shareholders electronically. This means information about the Company can be received by shareholders quickly and more cost effectively. There will also be a reduction in the demand for natural resources, resulting in environmental benefits.

What computer equipment do I need to receive electronic shareholder communications?

You will need a computer linked to the Internet, an e-mail account, a web browser (such as the one you are using to read this page) and a PDF reader. The PDF reader is necessary because many of our electronic communications are downloaded in a PDF format to enable easy printing. You can download a PDF reader called Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/.

Management and board

Biographies of our plc and operating board directors and the committees they are a member of.

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Financial performance

Here is an overview of our financial performance. More detailed information is available in the 5 year summary and the Investor section.