Missing shareholders

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Missing shareholders

Sainsbury's is committed to tracing missing shareholders and also returning unclaimed dividends.

The most common reasons why we lose contacts with our shareholders are:

  • Shareholders move home and do not notify our registrars of their new address;
  • Beneficiaries or Executors of an estate are unaware of the holding;
  • Shareholders forget or are confused about their holding; or
  • Small value share certificates from the dividend re-investment plan are often lost and forgotten about.

For this reason, we have appointed Georgeson, who specialise in the business of reuniting shareholders and former shareholders with their assets, to re-establish a link with these individuals.

Working closely with Georgeson and our registrars, Computershare, we hope to return unclaimed assets totalling in excess of £5 million, and put these shareholders or their beneficiaries back in touch with their assets.

If you have any queries, about Georgeson's service you can contact them:

by telephone on 0800 953 0077;

by email at assetreunification@georgeson.com; or

you can find more information at www.georgeson.com/unclaimed.

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