View your shares online

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View your shares online

You can use Computershare's website to:

In addition, Computershare offers a free service called Investor Centre, a portfolio management service that allows you to:

  • View all your holdings in companies registered with Computershare and add any additional holdings to create a full portfolio
  • View the market value of your portfolio
  • Change your registered address online
  • Change your bank payment instructions online
  • See current and historical market prices
  • View trading graphs

You can access the Computershare website using the link below. To view your account you will need your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) which can be found on either your share certificate or a recent dividend tax voucher - the number is often preceded by the letter C or G.

Register for Investor Centre

Financial performance

Here is an overview of our financial performance. More detailed information is available in the 5 year summary and the Investor section.

Management and board

Biographies of our plc and operating board directors and the committees they are a member of.

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