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The Power

As told by Darren from our Holborn Support Centre and Jenny from our Leicester store.

Our smart grid system significantly reduces energy use at our Hythe store. The system monitors the national electricity grid and activates the store's biofuel generator when there is an increased demand for electricity. Additionally, at our Leicester and Weymouth Gateway stores we have biogas generators to produce all of our electricity and heat so we don’t need to take energy from the national electricity grid. We do this by generating energy from waste in our supply chain in one part of the country and adding it to the grid, and then taking the equivalent amount of natural gas from the grid in a different part of the country. So in this case, one of our West Sussex Dairy Development Group farmers injects zero carbon biogas, produced by an anaerobic digestion facility on his farm, into the grid and at Leicester and Weymouth we take out the equivalent amount of natural gas to run our generators.