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Our Blogger Community is a collection of food obsessed people (very much like us) from around the UK who blog about all things food. If you blog about baking, basting or just bunging things in the oven – we want to hear about it. Chances are we can provide you with some delicious goodies to taste, spices to try and recipes to recreate.

Join the Sainsbury's Blogger Community by emailing

What do you get from Sainsbury's?

You will receive regular updates from us about products that have either just hit the shelves or about to come to a store near you. We'll be able to send you samples, prizes for competitions on your own blogs, invitations to our press shows, masterclasses with masterchefs and you could end up influencing what kind of products we sell by coming to our offices and sitting down with the people that create new flavours and ranges for us.

We'll also feature some of your posts on our websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts - because if we love what you've posted, our friends and fans are likely to feel the same!

What do we get from you?

We want to hear what you think about our products, food and recipes. And we'd like you to write about what we do, share our news, host a competition for us and include a link back to our websites. That is, if you want to of course!

How do I become a member?

Simple: you send us an email to with your blog's name, URL and your contact details. We'll take a look and let you know if you qualify.

What do you look for in a blog?

We're looking for people who are passionate about food, who post regularly and generate a good level of discussion around what they write about.

But what about [insert idea on what you'd want to do with us here]?

We're always keen to hear your ideas. You know your blog best and we want to make sure that we work together to keep up your and our high standards. Send an email to with what you have in mind.

How much is it going to cost me?

Being part of the Sainsbury's Blogger Community is absolutely free.

Do you pay bloggers?

By giving you access to a look inside Sainsbury's we're giving you something that money cannot buy. We want to make sure you get a fair deal out of working with us and are always interested in hearing your ideas.

I applied to join but was rejected - why?

There are a limited number of places in the Community and we have a number of criteria that we look for in a blog. For example: it should be well written, receive a good level of comments from readers and be updated regularly. We will try to let you know why you didn't qualify to be a part of the Community and how you could improve the quality of your blog.

How many bloggers do you work with at the same time?

We're looking to build a Community of around 100 active food bloggers. We're always looking to add new and upcoming bloggers and will be adding and removing bloggers to make sure we keep the network fresh.

Hang on, what about wine/fashion/etc bloggers?

We're starting with our Food Blogger Community to see how we go, but that doesn't mean you can't submit your details. We're looking to expand into other categories in the future, but for now we wanted to focus on one of the things we do best.


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