Celebrating the best of British with our blogging community

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Celebrating the best of British with our blogging community

This is our arguably one of our favourite foodie time of the year as we see lots of brilliant fresh produce finally come in to season. British asparagus, strawberries, Jersey Royals and more all come in to their element to be the champions on our plates. Our food bloggers have been embracing this season’s bumper crop and have some wonderful recipes to celebrate the best of British!

Rach Phillips

Rachael Phillips

Rachael was keen to try Veal so when she picked some up in our store she was pleased to see that we’re committed to Freedom Food and our own strict animal welfare standards. Simply roasted and paired with creamy, cheesy asparagus potatoes, this is a delicious way to add some spring into a roast recipe. 

Daisesand Pie

Daises & Pie

There is always plenty of excitement when British strawberries come into season and it’s no surprise that just like Wendy, lots of people use them for mouth-watering deserts. We love how simple this quick strawberry cheesecake is and it would make the perfect sweet treat at the end of any barbecue. 

Big Spud

Big Spud

Lamb and anchovies go brilliantly together but what if anchovies just aren’t your thing? Gary saw some sushi nori in his cupboard and wondered if the salty seaweed would make the perfect alternative as a crust for his British lamb. Did it? You best take a look. 

Annie Ko

Annie Ko

Some more awesome strawberry-ness here from Annie as she whips up a strawberry mousse that not only includes amaretto and… wait for it… marshmallows! Mmmmmm. No really, according to Annie add them "along with a bit of cream, to give it that airy mousse texture.” 

One Handed Cook CW

One Handed Cook

Despite being possibly a little bit too busy, Liz has a new mantra and she wants to be more grateful for the positive things in life. That includes being grateful for simply grilled Asparagus spears dipped in a runny soft-boiled egg. We agree and we’re grateful Liz found the time to share it with us. 


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