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Black Garlic Blogger Brilliance

We have to admit that the first time we saw black garlic we were a bit puzzled. Why is it black and what do you do with it? Well it's the same white garlic we are all used to but to create black garlic whole cloves are heated over several weeks. And luckily for us our brilliant blogger community has created these moreish recipes worthy of anyone looking to test out black garlic for the first time. Black garlic is available at Sainsbury’s for £1.50 – do Tweet us @SainsburysNews if you decide to try any of the recipes below or one of your own.


Foodie Friday Black Garlic Tofu by @rachaelphillips

Tofu does need a little bit of help when it comes to flavouring, so Rachael’s black garlic tofu recipe is perfect to give it some punch. She also suggests that the garlic tofu can be served with pretty much anything so if you change your mind about what you fancy you don’t have to write the whole meal off. 

Big Spud1

Black Garlic and Coconut Chicken Curry by @BigSpud 

Like a few of our other bloggers, Gary had a look online before planning his recipe and noted that black garlic was described as having lots of rich, deep molasses-like flavours. So he decided to add it in to a chicken curry and wow, it does look incredible. 

My Fussy Eater

Baked Camembert with Black Garlic and Balsamic Sun-Dried Tomatoes by @MyFussyEater

A baked camembert never fails to get us excited. A bit like the noughties’ answer to the seventies’ retro fondue set, a baked camembert rarely goes wrong as a cheap dinner party favourite. This recipe is not only one of the best recipes for a baked camembert that we’ve seen, but it’s super easy to rustle up too.


Sun Dried Tomato, Mozzarella and Black Garlic Stuff Chicken by @MusingsOfAGem

Gemma was inspired by the tangy undertones of the garlic to use it with mozzarella, basil and stuff it all in to a chicken breast. The result is a perfect mid-week supper that Gemma thinks will become a staple in her home over the (hopefully) warm summer months.


Black Garlic and Chilli Butter by @MustntGrumble

Louise has really harnessed the flavours of the black garlic for this simple flavoured butter recipe. It’s a great way of subtly introducing the flavour and is perfect for adding a little kick to pan fried meats and vegetables. Along with Sous Chef J she used it to pan fry some steaks and drizzled some of the spicy juices from the pan over the top for extra flavour.

Mushroom -Risotto -with -Black -Garlic -Sauce1

Spelt Risotto with Black Garlic Sauce by @thinlyspread

Risotto is a popular staple over the long winter months and we’ve really been enjoying recipes that embrace alternatives to the usual arborio risotto rice. Chris’ recipe uses spelt risotto for texture and it’s packed with rich, infused flavours.  


Black Garlic Hummus by @ThisIsRockSalt

Carol-Anne wasn’t too sure on the squidgy texture of the garlic but she wanted to try it, so she opted for making a simple hummus. But not any hummus. A hummus for Goth’s.

Easy Teas Soup

Easy Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Soup by @MattAppleby

If you are looking for a soup with plenty of punch then look no further than Matt’s easy roasted red pepper and garlic soup. Harnessing all that rich molasses flavour, this soup can even be used as a pasta sauce, or if you reduce it down, it’ll works as a pizza base topping.

Nibbly Pig1

Slow Cooked Belly Pork With Black Garlic by @Nibbly_Pig

Ros is already a big fan of garlic and uses up to a whole bulb across the week to flavour pasta, sauces, salads and anything else she can squeeze it in to. Her recipe makes the most of slow roasting the sticky black garlic to create a treacly glaze over the pork. Yum, yum, yum!


Black Garlic Pizza Roll by @RocknRollerBaby

Ruth loves making a hearty caramelised red onion, garlic, mozzarella pizza so she wanted to use the rich garlic to create a calzone! All the goodness is wrapped in the pizza dough so Ruth also points out that it works brilliantly as a picnic food. We couldn't agree more!


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