Delicious DIY ice-lollies

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Delicious DIY ice-lollies

Finding ways to cool down in the summer sun can be tough but a cheeky ice-lolly is always a tasty way to have a break from the sun. We challenged our bloggers to make their own ice-lollies and well, if none of these tickle your fancy then we don’t know what will!

Wuthering Bites1

Gluten Free Strawberry Sangria Ice-Lollies

Sarah’s husband isn’t too sure about her new colourful DIY lolly kit but she is on a mission to win him over with these juicy looking sangria ice-lollies. We bet she didn’t have any complaints…

Super Golden Bakes IL1

Beetroot and Raspberry Popsicles

We’ll be honest, we were not too sure what beetroot ice-lollies would be like, but we were right to have a lot of faith in Lucy as these lollies look amazing.

She Who Bakes IL1

Pitcher Cocktail Ice-Lollies

Britt’s brilliant recipe for Pitcher ice-lollies is a winner; packed with plenty of fruit, a splash or two of Pitchers and topped up with lemonade for a bit of fizz.

Nic Nutrition1

Greek Yoghurt Berry Ice-Lollies 

If you fancy a different texture to your ice-lolly then we recommend giving Nic’s recipe a try. The Greek yoghurt not only provides a source of calcium and protein, it also gives the lolly a smooth a creamy taste. Yum!

The Cake Hunter1

Cherry, Coconut and Rosewater Ice Pops

Sophie doesn’t like ice-lollies that are too sweet, so she’s left the cherries in her dairy free ice-pops. You’ll get bursts of cherry flavours mixed with hints of coconut and rosewater. We think these would be ideal after a spicy barbecue. 

Sew White IL1

Pomegranate Mocktail Ice-Lollies

When Sisley made her friends some Pomegranate Mocktails she knew the recipe would be perfect for ice-lollies. While she doesn’t think they look amazing, we do and we love that she’s left whole Pomegranate seeds in as crunchy surprises. 


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