Giant Cous Cous and inventive ways to use our new sprinkles

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Giant Cous Cous and inventive ways to use our new sprinkles

As the weather heated up this summer our bloggers got really creative with some of our new lines, including our Giant Cous Cous and our new range of sprinkles which they have used in deliciously creative ways! Here’s a roundup of some of our favourite posts.

Salad 1

A great little addition

Tom cleverly points out that without a bit of oil on your salad these sprinkles will disappear to the bottom of your bowl, only to be rediscovered them when you have eaten your way through the rest of your salad. A wise tip indeed.

Giant Couscous And Feta

Simple Summer Cous Cous

Cous Cous is a firm favourite with Feta cheese and Gemma has teamed the two with pesto, cherry tomatoes and some spring onion. Her top tip is to leave it in the fridge for an hour or so to let the Cous Cous soak up all those flavours. Mmmm.

Creamy Spaghetti 2

Easy Creamy Spaghetti

Sprinkling this Italian mix of dried sun blush tomato and nuts was not something we immediately considered. Luckily Ranette gave it a go and wow, how amazing does this bowl of pasta look? A must try!

Harissa Spiced Gaint Couscous 2

Harissa Spiced Cous Cous

Julie kept her Cous Cous simple but packed full of flavour with sweet roasted peppers and some harissa paste for a bit of spice. We couldn’t agree more that this is a perfect accompaniment to a barbecue.

Salad 5

Super Summer Salads

Maria made the most of her sprinkles and tried them on not one but FIVE summery looking salads. There is something for everyone in her post with five mouth-watering suggestions but salad four gets two thumbs up from us.




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