Putting leftover chocolate to good use

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Putting leftover chocolate to good use

Our bloggers are a pretty nifty bunch when it comes to using up ingredients in their cupboards and fridges but we had a pretty tough challenge for them. We asked bloggers to create some recipes using up left over chocolate from Easter. We know, we know, what is left over chocolate we hear you cry? If you don’t have any left lingering around then we’ll forgive you for picking up some more and trying some of these super recipes!

United Cakedom

United Cakedom

Lisa doesn’t often have leftover chocolate but if she does she likes to use it up to make cupcakes. But it’s not just about the chocolate, not sure what to do with that packet of Rainbow Buttons? Use them as the cupcake toppers!


Chocolate Log Blog 

If you quite simply can’t face any more chocolate (Choclette can’t really see it happening but accepts that in some households it might…maybe….) you could can use her tips to make chocolate ice-cream.

Easy Teas

Easy Teas

Described by Matt as “darkly chocolatey, pleasingly gooey and nuttier than a squirrel’s breakfast”, these brownies will put to good use any of that leftover dark, milk or white chocolate.


I Love Meal Plans 

We love a trifle and Vicky makes a great version using mandarins and chocolate melted in to the custard. MMMM. 

Yasmin Limbert

Yasmin Limbert

Now it wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter nest, would it? Go on, stay in the festive mood. 

Fab Food 4All

Fab Food 4 All

Camilla originally made these for Mother’s Day but she told us these are a great way of using up white chocolate and some leftover fruit. Can we count them as one of our five a day please?

Daises And Pie

Daisies And Pie

How does Wendy eat hers? As a Crème Egg mega-cookie that’s how!


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