Love your freezer!

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Love your freezer!

We kicked off the year with a resolution to use our freezers more for saving food that could have ended up in the bin and to create delicious simple, quick meals at home. We challenged our bloggers to do some digging between the frozen peas and here's a mouth-watering selection of some of our favourite posts.

Supergolden Fish Pie

Best Ever Fish Pie

Lucy claims this is the best fish pie ever and judging by the pictures, we think she is quite-almost-possibly-certainly right. And the best part? It can be whipped up the night before, stored in the fridge - ready to be popped in the oven after a long day at work.

Musingsofa Gem CW

Quick Italian Suppers

The last thing Gemma wants to do when she gets in from work is cook up a meal from scratch. Unless she's creating something from the freezer that is. Here she explains how she makes a lasagne, risotto and meatball pasta from a handful of frozen ingredients.

Coconut Ice Cream CW

Cherry Coconut Lime Ice-Cream

This Caribbean inspired ice-cream by Ranette comes from an afternoon she spent discussing over her favourite flavour combinations with friends. The best kind of afternoon if you ask us!

Vermi CW

Super Seafood Vermicelli

Clare has managed to find one of our favourite food hacks in the frozen aisle, the seafood selection! A mix of king prawns, squid and muscles, it's ideal for pies, stir fry's and even the barbecue. She uses it to whip up her slightly tweaked version of Gok Wan's Seafood Vermicelli which soon-to-be Mr. Wee Bit of Cake (aka Mr T) enjoyed so much, he went back for seconds. Good man!

General Tso Chicken CW

General Tso's Chicken

Have you ever heard of General Tso’s Chicken? Lisa used to treat herself to it from the local Chinese back in her University days in America. Sadly she can't find it on a menu here in the UK, but she's managed to re-create the recipe using some handy frozen herbs and vegetables in her fridge. It's a must try!

Quessidillas Rock NRoller

Cheesey Quesadillas

Ruth is a fan of frozen peas but it's been a while since she's explored the rest of what the frozen vegetable section has to offer. To her surprise, more than she thought! With frozen peppers, onions, green beans and corn of the cob she made these delicious looking Quesadillas.


Quick and Easy Meatballs

Like many of us, Sisley doesn't have a huge amount of freezer space so she tries to make the most of it by freezing prepped meals that are quick and easy for her to cook mid-week.  Her staple is meat balls which she keeps frozen in batches for last minute pasta suppers.

Frozen Herbs

Frozen Herbs

This is not a recipe but it is one of the best looking food hacks we've seen. Vicky was finding it hard to use up her crops of home grown herbs and drying them out wasn't really working. So she started freezing them in olive oil! Not only are they useful for curries, stews, casseroles and soups, they look rather lovely too. 

Sausage Roll 11

Lunchbox Sausage Rolls

Bored of sandwiches and soups for lunch, Becky embarked on a journey. A journey into the freezer where she found two lone sausages and some pastry. And so the lunchbox sausage roll was born! She gives them a tasty twist and texture by adding a few frozen chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables.


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