Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with Sainsbury’s limited edition Heritage Range

Medium Cut Marmalade and Liquorice Allsorts

As the Queen marks her Diamond Jubilee, Sainsbury’s is joining the celebrations by launching 14 products inspired by the retailer’s own British heritage.

In store from the 23 May for a five week period, the Heritage range consists of jars of vintage sweets such as Liquorice Allsorts and Dolly Mixtures, classic conserves including Medium Cut Marmalade and Strawberry Jam and refreshments such as Cloudy Lemonade. For beer lovers there is also a Traditional Beer and Ale Selection Pack produced in Kent by the UK's oldest Brewer, Shepard Neame, brewing on site since 1698.

Inspiration behind the red and cream Heritage packaging came from in-house designers sifting through Sainsbury's broad archives, adopting elements of old packaging and early poster designs.

1930s Sainsbury's ad

1930s store advertisement from which the Heritage logo was derived.

A tea loving nation

With Jubilee fever sweeping the nation, what could be more fitting than celebrating with a good cup of tea? For more than a century, Sainsbury's has been stocking the Red Label Tea variety and it is this iconic product, Fairtrade Red Label Blended Tea, which has been selected as part of the Jubilee Heritage range today.

Red Label Tea vs Heritage Red Label Tea

Original Red Label Tea packaging from 1903 on the left and the Limited Edition Heritage Red Label Tea, £1.39, on the right.

Other products in the range include Elderflower Cordial, Mints and snacks such as Juicy Berries, Nuts and Seeds beautifully packaged in collectable jars. Prices start from 61p for the Medium Cut Marmalade, to £6.99 for the Traditional Ale & Beer Selection.

All 14 products are available in 401 stores nationwide until 27 June.

Notes to editors

The Heritage Range consists of:

  • Medium Cut Marmalade, 61p - 'Marmalade' first came into existence in 1480 according to the Oxford English Dictionary, with King Henry VIII receiving a box full in 1524
  • Strawberry Jam, 90p
  • Liquorice Allsorts Jar, £4.00
  • Dolly Mixtures Jar, £4.00
  • Mint Assortments Jar, £4.00
  • Nut & Seed Selection Jars, £6.00
  • Maple Roasted Nut Selection, £6.00
  • Cashew and Macadamia Salt & Pepper Nuts, £6.00
  • Juicy Berries, Nuts & Seeds, £4.00
  • Strawberry and Cox's Apple Cordial, £2.20
  • Sparkling Elderflower, £1.85
  • Elderflower Cordial, £2.20
  • Cloudy Lemonade, £1.85
  • Fairtrade Red Label Blended Tea, £1.39
  • Traditional Ale & Beer Selection, £6.99



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  • Posted on: 24 May 2012
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