Sainsbury’s predicts a sunny outlook for sales this week

Summer Eating Outdoors

As temperatures reach a high of 30 degrees this week and with Brits set for a weekend of celebrations, Sainsbury’s is forecasting sales of summer products such as burgers, cider and suncare to sore.

While sales of summer hats are +145% and BBQs +274% compared to last week, British strawberries remain one of the most popular selling products across the store and the retailer expects summer product sales are set to continue through the rest of the week:*

  • +250% suncare
  • +150% burgers
  • +100% coleslaw 
  • +50% salad
  • +40% cider
  • +30% rose wine
  • +20% quiche

The weather comes as a welcome break for most Brits following the wettest April on record and coldest June since 1991. However, due to excessive rain at the beginning of the year which helped plants and grass to grow exceptionally long and now, with a prolonged warm snap the hayfever season is running longer than last year. So far this week, hayfever sales are +79% on last week, and +81% compared to this time last year when the average temperature was 24 degrees. 

David Bailey, Sainsbury's weather experts says: "As the weather has been so varied in the UK through spring and summer it may come as no surprise that Brits are taking advantage of the heat wave we're seeing in England. Temperatures are expected to reach 31 degrees mid-week which drastically compares to last month when rainfall was 231% above the average for June. 

Notes to editors

* Sales in the South East and Central England compared to last week



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  • Posted on: 26 July 2012
  • Type of article: Press release