The rise of the manly mouthful: Partygoers pick treats with more bite

Christmas manapés

As the summer of celebration continues, Sainsbury’s is expecting to see a rise in demand for manapés – heartier canapés that offer more man-sized portions. In the season of celebrating all things British, the surge in demand for more traditional dishes is high, as mini pies, burgers and fish and chips increase in popularity.

With men buying more manapés this year than ever before and more often than women, the demand for more substantial party food is growing. Nectar data shows that 26,000 more men have discovered the manapé this year, with the majority of under 35s buying into the trend.

Following strong sales of men's favourites last Christmas, such as Taste the Difference Mini Pies and Taste the Difference Mini Aberdeen Angus Burgers, Sainsbury's will be offering a broader mix of more substantial party foods, including Mini Beef Wellingtons and Mini Pork & Sweet Chilli Chunky Sausages later this year.

Ahead of the festive season though, Sainsbury's customers will be stocking up on to celebrate the coming sporting occasions. Manapés, such as portk pies, scotch eggs and mini sausage rolls are twice as likely to appeal to sports fans than anyone else and those hosting parties are now three times more likely to be buying manapés for their party guests than previously.

Alex Cole, Sainsbury's Director of Corporate Affairs, said: "We've seen an increase in demand for heartier, more traditional types of food in canapé form and with the convenience of simple cooking, these are easy for men to prepare as well as enjoy. And in the year for all things British, it's no surprise to see that traditional British dishes are being replicated in mini mouthful-sized portions.

"This summer we have plenty of options for those looking for something a bit more substantial for their party guests, but we'll always do the more usual, lighters canapés such as salmon blinis for the more party-pickers."

Sainsbury's Christmas party range will offer great value this year, with increases in pack sizes and improved flavours. Sainsbury's is the only major retailer to use on British beef and chicken in all fresh party food. All fresh party food should be cooked at 200 degrees celcius, perfect for loading up the oven, ahead of any party or get together.

Notes to editors

  • Data from Nectar 26 July 2012 analysing a selection of "manapés", including scotch eggs, bacon bites, and cocktail sausages and looking at who has bought these and how this has changed, this year compared to last
  • By 2020, Sainsbury's will double the amount of British food sold
  • By 2020, all meat, poultry, eggs, game and dairy products Sainsbury's sources from suppliers who adhere to independent higher welfare standards
  • Sainsbury's is committed to providing customers with clear and transparent labelling, to help them make informed choices about the food and drink they buy.
  • Sainsbury's products are free from hydrogenated fats and flavour enhancers, such as MSG
  • With fresh ingredients and traditional recipes, Sainsbury's approach is to help and inspire customers to eat a balanced diet by promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles
  • We constantly look at ways to reduce fats, salt and additives in our products, without compromising on quality or taste
  • We offer British products at their best when in season, with many 100% British all year round such as milk, fresh chicken, fresh sausages and eggs
  • We encourage our customers to lead healthier lifestyles, balancing the food they eat with the exercise they take



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  • Posted on: 26 July 2012
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