Sainsbury’s Takes the Stress Out of Back TU School Shopping

Kids in Sainsbury's School Uniforms

Exceptional quality back to school clothing at amongst the lowest prices on the high street

Busy parents face bills of over £150 per child* for school uniforms that often fail to last the school year, resulting in regular mending and numerous replacements. Sainsbury’s understands the frustration this can cause customers so is committed to offering not only outstanding value and great savings but also enduring quality. Garments have been rigorously trialled up to five times the industry standard testing** for wear and tear so active kids can enjoy carefree playtimes and there’s less work for Mum!

Kids Grow Out Before They Wear Out

  • Hard Wearing Fabrics - Trousers, pinafores and skirts are abrasion tested and can last up to 100,000 rubs*** which is enough for a kid to withstand 3 trips down a slide every day for 80 years!
  • Split Resistant Trousers - Seam strengths of boys' and girls' trousers have been pull tested with a weight of up to 29kg. Kids can play and climb freely knowing their uniform could endure the weight of a classmate!
  • Stain Resistance - Fabric with a high quality Teflon finish is tested to ensure it maintains its stain resistancy  and can combat the typical and toughest marks - mud, oil and paint. The repellent finish has been tested to last up to an entire school year's worth of washes so that Mum can be confident of getting rid of tough stains with ease.

Less Chores, More Free Time for Parents

  • Non-Iron Shirts - Treated fabric, taped seams and improved collar shape ensure shirts have a smoother appearance after washing. Time spent ironing could be reduced by an hour a week for parents, that's almost a working week of time saved over the school year!
  • Perfect Crease™ and Permanent Pleats - Boys' trousers are finished with a resin on the centre fold to ensure creases hold throughout washing and wearing. Pleats on woven skirts retain a sharp look no matter how many hours of classes and assemblies kids sit through.  Sainsbury's uniforms stay looking their best without endless ironing.
  • Secured Hems -Hems on woven trousers are secured with a strong, fusible thread that ensures minimal mending for mum!

Unbeatable Value and High Quality for All-Round Savings

  • High Quality Across the Range - Sainsbury's is the only retailer to offer extra features such as Perfect Crease™ as standard from value through to premium range so whatever the price point the neat look is guaranteed.
  • Long Lasting Detailing- Buttons have been pull tested with up to twice the industry standard weight to ensure that they are strong and there's less mending for mum. Polo shirts have been improved so that fabric is easy care, quicker to iron and the smart, high quality appearance lasts longer.
  • Coated Leather Footwear -The Permair™ finish on leather school shoes adds an extra layer of defence againstscuffs and stains so that after a day of tough wear and tear shoes can be restored to their original appearance with simply the wipe of a damp cloth.
  • Low Price Points -Two uniforms start from as little as £10, this includes a 2 pack of sweatshirts (£3), a 2 pack of skirts/trousers (£4) and a 3 pack of polo shirts (£3)****.

Sainsbury's Head of Childrenswear, John Carolan says "We know shopping for back to school clothes can be stressful and expensive for parents. Our range offers perhaps the best solution on the high street, with ultra-low prices and incredible quality. Products have been tested with outstanding rigour. We've also introduced easy care features such as non-iron shirts and permanent trouser creases that will save hours on chores throughout the school year and give parents a well deserved break!"

Notes to editors

  • *Figure from a study by Family Action, 2011
  • ** Beyond industry standard testing carried out on a sample batch of products from the range
  • *** Tests carried out by High Street Textile Testing Services Ltd, 2011
  • **** Prices based on age 3-5 boys and girls garments
  • Sizes range from 3-16 years
  • Some product features  apply only to new 2012 range



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  • Posted on: 03 August 2012
  • Type of article: Press release