Sainsbury's launches exclusive Carluccio's range

Carluccio's risotto

Carluccio’s launches its first ‘at home’ range of fresh premium Italian meals, exclusively in Sainsbury's.

Each classic Italian dish has been carefully developed with the Carluccio's philosophy in mind and offers great quality, authentic Italian food, made from scratch using the very best ingredients.  So whether sourcing ingredients for a romantic dinner or 'cheating' a little, Carluccio's 'at home' gives you a helping hand.

The exclusively fresh selection features filled pasta imported from Italy, sauces, meals and breads including:

Fresh meals - The meals are as delicious as they are convenient. Must tries include the lasagne al forno, seven layers deep. The ragù is made with traditional Italian 'soffritto' to which beef and pork mince, pancetta and a splash of Chianti are added. This is then layered between lasagne sheets, topped with a Parmesan béchamel and sprinkled with mozzarella. The risotto di pollo e spinaci is prepared in the same way that you would find in kitchens all over Italy -using Italian Arborio rice to produce a dish with the perfect creaminess and bite. It comes with a whole chicken breast which is marinated in parsley and garlic before being roasted and finished with a sprinkling of Grana Padano.  Carluccio's pappardelle con ragù di cinghiale is the perfect comfort food - made from generous chunks of slow cooked wild boar, a glug of good red wine, a subtle hint of fennel and served with thick ribbons of pappardelle pasta.

Fresh pasta  - Imported directly from Italy, Carluccio's pastas are all made from wheat and eggs using a bronze die durum. Pappardelle is a broad pasta ribbon so popular in Italy that towns in the North have festivals celebrating it!  Two filled pastas include medaglioni with fresh spinach and ricotta and tortelloni filled with mushrooms and ricotta.

Fresh sauces - Sauces include a rich and gutsy Bolognese (perfect with the pappardelle), a salsa di porcini e pomodoro made by combining sweet tomatoes with meaty porcini mushrooms and finished with balsamic vinegar, and a pomodoro e mascarpone, using the finest vine tomatoes, garlic, onion, mascarpone and pecorino cheese.  Completing the sauce selection is a vibrant and punchy puttanesca made with tomatoes, capers, Taggiasca olives and anchovies.

Breads - A choice of two breads: the pane all'aglio is Italian bread made using '00 flour with dough left to proof for 12 hours to give it its flavour and light texture before being hand-finished with caramelised garlic and fresh parsley butter. The pane all'aglio e Provolone is made in the same way, but finished with a mature provolone cheese.

Notes to editors

  • The range will be available from 114 Sainsbury's stores nationwide.
  • The range will include seven complete meals, four sauces, four fresh pastas and two breads.



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  • Posted on: 16 August 2012
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