Women know best when it comes to men's pants


It might not be worth asking ‘who wears the trousers’ but instead ‘who buys the pants’ in relationships. Research for supermarket Sainsbury’s, has revealed that two-thirds of men still rely on their mothers, wives and girlfriends to keep their underwear drawer fully stocked.

And it's even having an impact on the style of pants men are now sporting. Out are sagging, greying Y-fronts and cotton boxer shorts and in are brightly coloured hipster trunks with eye-catching waistbands and non-VPL seams.

A spokesman for Sainsbury's says, "We've noticed a 30 per cent rise in sales of men's pants over the last year and our stores tell us that it's ladies looking to revamp their partners' underwear drawers.

"Presentable pants are now a deal-breaker in a relationship and as such British women are on a mission. They head out underwear shopping for their men an average five times a year and buy three pairs each time - a sizeable increase on years prior."

Recent widespread imagery of hunks in trunks including David Beckham, Thom Evans and David Gandy are fuelling this change with women and men alike reacting to these eye-popping advertisements. In fact, 2012 has seen fitted trunk sales surpass the traditional boxer for the first time.

The spokesman continues, "We've even introduced innovative 'STAYFRESH' technology into our new pants range. Knowing that boys will be boys, this underwear can be worn through the working day, during a gym session and at drinks in the pub afterwards and still be fresh and comfortable - what every man (and woman) likes to hear!".



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  • Posted on: 04 October 2012
  • Type of article: Press release