Sainsbury's launches creepy cobweb apples just in time for Halloween

cobweb basics apples

Sainsbury’s has today launched a healthy Halloween snack - the “Cobweb” apple. Scattered with creepy cobweb blemishes resulting from the cold, wet growing season, the so-called “Cobweb” apples can be found in bags of Sainsbury’s basics British Cox and Gala.

Exclusive to Sainsbury's, the extra spread of russets brushed over the apple skin is the result of the surface restoring itself after weather damage. Not only is the quality of each apple contained within its spooky skin, much of the sweetness is too, hopefully making these apples a hit with bobbers everywhere!

Cobweb apples

Sainsbury's "Cobweb" apples come as another example of the supermarket's commitment to support British growers and farmers who have experienced a challenging year due to the weather. Sainsbury's has relaxed the specifications on British fruit and veg to utilise the crop whilst still offering quality and value.

The "Cobweb" apples can be found creeping into bags of Sainsbury's basics Cox and Gala apples.

Notes to editors

  • Sainsbury's Concept Orchards were developed as a way to help halt the decline of the British apple and pear orchards. We are using these orchards to develop new varieties and increase yields through new and innovative growing practices.
  • Sainsbury's stocks over 52 varieties of home grown apples and 10 pear varieties.
  • First deliveries of new season Discovery this month will be from growers Hugh Boucher at Newlands Farm near Sittingbourne and Tony Sunnocks at Rankins Farm near Linton  
  • Following the success we worked with a bee specialist to establish over 100 "Bee Hotels" in our stores increasing the availability of nesting sites for solitary bees. By 2020 Sainsbury's is set to double the amount of British food sold.
  • By 2020 Sainsbury's will source all key raw materials and commodities sustainably to an independent standard.
  • Sainsbury's is committed to working closely with farmers through the Produce Development Group to address any issues and share best practice.  Sainsbury's experts are in regular contact with their 33 core apple and pear growers across the country to share best practice, promote innovation and introduce techniques to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency.



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  • Posted on: 31 October 2012
  • Type of article: Press release