Bake like mad this spring with Sainsbury’s

infused sugar

Britain’s surge of enthusiasm for home baking continues to grow, especially as hard pressed families seek affordable and creative ways of spending time together at home. To meet the ever growing demand, Sainsbury’s own label baking range is now even bigger and better, with 230 brand new lines to provide more choice for everyone, from first time muffin makers to patisserie experts.

Connoisseurs: The more experienced baker can create, decorate and present a selection of sophisticated home baked delights using ingredients like Taste the Difference infused Lavender, Vanilla and Cinnamon sugars. Try the Lavender Sugar to make sophisticated Lavender shortbread, delicious served with creamy desserts like lemon posset or syllabub. The Vanilla Sugar provides the base for the ultimate Victoria sponge while the Cinnamon Sugar, seasoned to perfection with ground cinnamon and a cinnamon stick, is a wonderful way to add extra flavour to cakes like Carrot or Simnel.

Chocolate for cooks: A selection of new Cook’s Bars and Taste the Difference Chocolate Chips have been added including Belgian White, Milk and Dark chocolate, perfect for brownies, cookies and truffles.

Keep it simple: For the busy Mum or Dad who wants some easy home baking fun with their children, Sainsbury’s pre-mixes do all the hard work for you – simply add eggs, milk and butter to create perfect every time Gingerbread Loaf Cake, Salted Caramel or Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Decorate: Whether you’ve used one of the clever mixes or made a cake from scratch, decorating your creation is all part of the fun. You can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, mixing and matching fantastic decorating products like by Sainsbury’s Modelling Paste, Flower & Modelling Icing and Freeze Dried Berry Crumbs. If chocolate is your thing, Belgian Chocolate Curls, Chocolate Coffee Beans and Milk, White & Dark Chocolate Crispies make for indulgent decorations. Once decorated, display your baked delights in one of the new by Sainsbury’s gold or silver three-tier cake stands, or present them in a beautifully patterned gift box.

Kid’s parties: Love and attention has been given to kid’s party products with the addition of lines like Cake Pop Sticks, Mini Flower Decorations, Butterfly Confetti and new range of Ready-To-Roll Soft Coloured Icing. No kid’s party would be complete without a party bag so choose from the Princess or Pirate range, and keep the cute theme going with Princess and Pirate cupcake kits and matching two-tier cupcake stands, guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Baking essentials: Sainsbury’s baking essentials have been revived too. All 10 of Sainsbury’s flours are now 100% British and bread mixes have been upgraded to include premium lines like Taste the Difference Multiseed Bread Mix, ideal for those with a savoury tooth. Prunes, apricots and raisins are now juicier than ever and Taste the Difference Morello Cherries and Agen Prunes in Armagnac have been added, along with almonds and hazelnuts, available in blanched, roasted and flaked formats.

“We know how many of our customers are really starting to embrace home baking”, said Claire Goldhill, Sainsbury’s home baking expert. “I love the fact that people are becoming more adventurous and getting families and friends involved.  That’s why we’ve created a range that we think makes Sainsbury’s the ultimate destination for the best and most beautiful baking ingredients and accessories.”



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  • Posted on: 04 April 2013
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