Pest control and protecting our colleagues and customers

12 June 2017

There have been inaccurate reports that a mother fox was killed by our pest control experts at our Crayford store in Kent last week.

Update, 16 June 2017: We’ve completed a thorough review of how pest control was managed at our Crayford store, which involved the release of two mother foxes and extermination of three males. An independent expert has confirmed our contractor correctly followed industry guidelines and in the interests of the safety of our customers and colleagues.

However, we understand the killing of foxes is a topic close to the heart of many of our customers. Safety will always be our top priority, but we have worked with our contractor to set out new processes. In the extremely rare event there are issues with foxes in the future, we can confirm that we would only use humane deterrents.

12 June 2017: It’s extremely rare that foxes decide to call one of our stores or the surrounding area home, but there have been several incidents at our Crayford store over the past few weeks.

As a food retailer, this presents a health risk to both our colleagues and customers so we have worked with our regulated contractor, following the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Guidelines.

This has never - and will never - involve the killing of mother foxes.

We follow strict pest control guidelines to try to prevent issues. For example, to avoid attracting foxes we donate the majority of surplus food to charity partners the same day so it isn’t lying around. We also keep floors and surfaces clean to avoid attracting foxes and any other pests. We continue to trial different deterrents with our experts and view trapping foxes as a last resort.