Baking celebrates the afternoon (G&)T

15 June 2017

This summer, baking gets boozy with the launch of Sainsbury’s two new flavourings Gin & Tonic and Prosecco, which will be hitting the shelves in June

With the UK a nation of prosecco lovers and gin connoisseurs, sales of our Prosecco are up +40% YoY and Gin +25% YoY, with gin having record breaking sales in 2016, selling over 1 billion bottles*.  With the help of Sainsbury’s new baking flavours, it’s now easier than ever to incorporate these favourites into your summer bakes. Add just ½ tsp of by Sainsbury’s  Gin & Tonic or Prosecco Flavour to frosting, buttercream or even the bake itself to give a grown-up twist to homemade treats.

  • Sainsbury’s Gin & Tonic Flavour 38ml- £1.00
  • Sainsbury’s Prosecco Flavour 38ml- £1.00