Sainsbury's 20x20 Sustainability Plan

20x20 landing 2013

Sainsbury's 20x20 Sustainability Plan

We continue to make significant progress against our 20x20 Sustainability commitments, with many activities – from zero waste to landfill, to 100% fresh British pork, to progress in salt reduction in cooked meats – several years in the making.

It has also been a landmark year for our sector, with trust very much in focus. From the scandal of horsemeat to the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh, questions have been raised about the values behind the products we buy. And whilst Sainsbury's was not directly affected, I have no doubt that the impact across our sector has been significant.

Last year we published New Fashioned Values – our consumer insight report which showed how the credit crunch had not led to a values crunch. This year, we've taken things further and opened up a debate about the #ValueOfValues. We're asking: Is it right to compare bananas when one is Fairtrade and the other isn't? Is selling bottled water sourced from the mains the same as selling water from a mineral-rich Yorkshire spring? Is British-sourced ham the same as ham from some unspecified country in the EU? We asked customers and they firmly told us they didn't think so.

We're focused on delivering value and values for customers, suppliers, colleagues and other stakeholders which is why our promise to help customers Live Well For Less is about more than price alone, and why our 20x20 commitments are built into our business plan.

Little stories, big difference

Often it’s little things that make a big difference. At Sainsbury’s, those little things are often what you don’t see, so who better to tell us more than some of our colleagues.


Our 20x20 commitments

Best for food and health

  • Grapes Alcohol

    By 2020, we'll double the sales of lighter alcohol wine and reduce the average alcohol content (ABV) of own brand wine and beer.

  • Fruit in store Healthiest baskets

    We'll continue to reduce salt, saturated fat, fat and sugar in our own brand products between now and 2020 and we will lead on providing clear nutritional information, enabling our customers to make informed choices.

Sourcing with integrity

  • Pig farming Animal welfare

    By 2020, all our meat, poultry, eggs, game and dairy products will be sourced from suppliers who adhere to independent higher welfare standards.

  • Potato farming Best for British

    By 2020, we'll double the amount of British food we sell.

  • Tea pickers Fairly traded

    By 2020, our sales of fairly traded products will hit £1 billion.

  • Crop field No deforestation

    By 2020, our own brand products won't contribute to global deforestation.

  • Sorting produce Raw materials

    By 2020, we'll source all of our key raw materials and commodities sustainably to an independent standard.

  • Farmers with sheep Supplier standards

    By 2020, our suppliers will also be leaders in meeting or exceeding our social and environmental standards.

  • Sainsburys fishmonger Sustainable fish

    By 2020, all the fish we sell will be independently certified as sustainable and we'll strengthen our position as the leading retailer for sustainable seafood.

Respect for our environment

  • Sainsburys store in Dawlish, Devon Operational carbon

    By 2020, we'll have reduced our operational carbon emissions by 30 per cent absolute and 65 per cent relative, compared with 2005* (this is part of our broader target of an absolute carbon reduction of 50 per cent by 2030).

  • Milk in a bag Packaging

    By 2020, we'll make sure that our own packaging has been reduced by a half compared to 2005.

  • Plastic recycling Positive waste

    By 2020, we'll put all waste to positive use.

  • Electric recharging station Supplier carbon

    By 2020, we'll have worked with our own brand suppliers to reduce carbon emissions across all of our own brand products by 50 per cent relative.

  • Sprinkler system on crops Water

    By 2020, through robust water stewardship we'll ensure that our supply chain approach is sustainable in areas of water vulnerability.

A great place to work

  • Sainsburys staff Commitment and engagement

    By 2020, 20,000 of our colleagues will have reached 20 years of service at Sainsbury's.

  • Sainsburys staff Diversity and inclusion

    By 2020, we'll have provided work opportunities for 30,000 people from groups who may face challenges.

  • Sainsburys staff helping customers Jobs and skills

    By 2020, we'll create 50,000 new job opportunities in the UK and at least half of our colleagues will have received externally accredited training.

  • Sainsburys staff at the checkout Rewards

    By 2020, we'll increase the number of colleagues with shares in our business by 25 per cent.