Sainsbury's 20x20 Sustainability Plan

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Sainsbury's 20x20 Sustainability Plan

This section provides an overview of what’s been happening across our five values and 20x20 Sustainability Plan. There’s lots more detail and the most up-to-date information, blogs and videos around our website.

Values and provenance

Our customer insight shows that concern for provenance and ethics remains as significant as ever. Alongside how we treat colleagues and how we deal with waste, one of the most important issues for customers is how we work with our British farmers and producers.

In 2014 we launched a campaign around our basics range to reassure customers that despite a tough economic backdrop we remain true to our values. Customers who buy from our basics range do not need to sacrifice their values, a claim that many of our major competitors aren’t able to make regarding their value ranges.

Top 5 ethical and environmental issues for our customers

We asked our customers to tell us how important, if at all, a range of ethical and environmental issues were to them. The five most important issues remain consistent with last year.

  Aug 2012 Aug 2013 Aug 2014
Being fair to our employees 1 1 1
Reducing waste 2 3 2
Clear labelling on sugars, fats and salt in food 5 4 3
Fair to suppliers both in the UK and abroad 6 5 4
British products/farmers 3 2 5

Little stories, big difference

Often it’s little things that make a big difference. At Sainsbury’s, those little things are often what you don’t see, so who better to tell us more than some of our colleagues.


Our 20x20 commitments

Best for food and health

  • Grapes Alcohol

    Double the sales of lighter alcohol wine and reduce the average alcohol content (ABV) of own brand wine and beer.

  • Fruit in store Healthiest baskets

    Reduce salt, saturated fat, fat and sugar in our own-brand products and lead on providing clear nutritional information, enabling our customers to make informed choices.

Sourcing with integrity

  • Pig farming Animal welfare

    Ensure all our meat, poultry, eggs, game and dairy products will be sourced from suppliers who adhere to independent higher welfare standards.

  • Potato farming Best for British

    Double the amount of British food we sell.

  • Tea pickers Fairly traded

    Hit £1 billion sales of fairly traded products.

  • Crop field No deforestation

    Ensure our own-brand products won't contribute to global deforestation.

  • Sorting produce Raw materials

    Source all of our key raw materials and commodities sustainably to an independent standard.

  • Farmers with sheep Supplier standards

    Ensure our suppliers will be leaders in meeting or exceeding our social and environmental standards.

  • Sainsburys fishmonger Sustainable fish

    Ensure all the fish we sell will be independently certified as sustainable and we'll strengthen our position as the leading retailer for sustainable seafood.

Respect for our environment

  • Sainsburys store in Dawlish, Devon Operational carbon

    Reduce operational carbon emissions by 30% absolute and 65% relative, compared to 2005.

  • Easter _Recycling 750 Packaging

    Reduce own-brand packaging by half compared to 2005.

  • Plastic recycling Positive waste

    Put all waste to positive use.

  • Electric recharging station Supplier carbon

    Have worked with our own-brand suppliers to reduce carbon emissions across all of our own-brand products by 50% relative.

  • Sprinkler system on crops Water

    Demonstrate robust water stewardship, ensuring that our supply chain is sustainable in all areas of water vulnerability.

Making a positive difference to our community

A great place to work

  • Sainsburys staff Commitment and engagement

    Have 20,000 colleagues who have reached 20 years' service.

  • Sainsbury's colleagues Diversity and inclusion

    Provide work opportunities for 30,000 people from groups who may face challenges.

  • Sainsburys staff helping customers Jobs and skills

    Provide 50,000 new UK job opportunities in the UK and at least half our colleagues will have received externally accredited training.

  • Sainsburys staff at the checkout Sharing success

    Increase the number of colleagues with shares in our business by 25%.