Positive waste

Plastic recycling

Positive waste

Put all waste to positive use.

Our progress so far

  • Our Cannock store is the first retail outlet to come off the National Grid and be powered by food waste alone
  • We donate surplus food fit for human consumption from over 300 stores to local charities. In 2013/14 we also donated 611 tonnes (over 1.2 million meals) of surplus food from our chilled supply chain to FareShare and Betel of Britain
  • We convert 100 per cent of our unsold bread into animal feed
  • Largest provider of donations to Oxfam outside their own shops. In 2013/14 our colleagues and customers donated around 2,992 tonnes of clothing and accessories as well as over 561 tonnes of books, CDs and DVDs
  • Extended recycling scheme in selected stores to include Easter egg packaging and pumpkins following Halloween

Little Story: Positive Waste