freedom food chicken

Freedom Food chicken

At the beginning of 2008, we committed to launching a new range of chicken produced to higher welfare standards. In August 2008 we met this promise with the launch of our new range of Freedom Food endorsed chicken.

Freedom Food is the RSPCA's assurance scheme, dedicated to improving the welfare of farm animals. The Freedom Food label guarantees that chickens have been reared to meet strict higher welfare standards set by the RSPCA. Freedom Food chickens benefit from more space to roam, with the addition of perches, straw bales and other bright, attractive items that encourage them to express their natural behaviour and live a more active life.

As with all our fresh chicken, the new range is 100% UK-sourced. The birds - Devonshire Reds and Wallace Reds - are slower-growing, traditional breeds, reared indoors on British farms inspected by Freedom Food.

Freedom Food endorsed chickens are also still available in corn-fed varieties, which are fed on a diet rich in corn to give a distinctive flavour and golden colour to the skin.

"I have been involved in chicken farming for 25 years and have always been committed to improving welfare standards. I am really excited that Sainsbury's are supporting farmers like myself to convert farms to Freedom Food standards and I'm sure it will be a great success in store."

Doug Ramsey, Sainsbury's poultry supplier