Crayford heating diagram


Our Crayford store, which was recently extended, is a great example of our energy efficiency strategy. As part of the re-fit, we equipped the store with a pioneering geo-exchange system. This captures natural energy through boreholes hundreds of metres beneath the ground, providing the store with on-demand heating, hot water and cooling from renewable sources.

We also installed a range of other energy efficiency measures in both the original store and the new extension. These included sun pipes to maximise the use of natural light, and daylight dimming for the electric lights.

Although the store is now two and a half times its original size, its carbon footprint has remained the same. As a result of the Carbon Step Change Programme, the store has seen a 60 per cent reduction in energy demand from the National Grid, compared to 2005/2006. The geo-exchange system at Crayford has also been recognised by the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards, obtaining first place in the Energy category. Judges praised Sainsbury's for "the innovative way it had harnessed sound, safe, passive renewable energy technologies to find a new solution to an ongoing challenge for operators in its sector."