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Logistics – our operations

To move goods from our suppliers to our depots, and then to our stores, we need to transport them by sea, air, rail and road. Of course, this contributes to our carbon footprint. And just like our stores, our depots use energy and water, so we must manage them as efficiently as possible. To give us a framework for this, we have certified all our main depots to the environmental management system ISO 14001.

To make our logistics operations as efficient as possible, we ensure we link the right stores geographically to the right depots, reducing transport miles. We also train our drivers to drive efficiently, and have introduced double-decker lorries, which transport more goods in a single journey.

In both our primary transport operations (supplier to depot) and secondary transport operations (depot to store), we are cutting our CO2 emissions. In our primary operations, we use empty trucks to collect goods from suppliers on their way back from store deliveries - and the number of these collections has now reached over 140,000 per year. In our secondary operations, a focused project on vehicle fill has led to improvements of more than 1.5 per cent across our entire store delivery fleet. CO2 per 1,000 cases transported has decreased to 120.5kg this year. This is a reduction of 1 per cent on the year and almost 17 per cent over the last five years, which means we have already reached our 2012 target. We have also achieved a reduction of over 1,800,000 vehicle kilometres this year, by using both our own and our suppliers' fleets more efficiently.